Issue VST Connect SE can't receive Performer's video


I attached the screenshot showing the green lights, showing that upstream signal is well.
The performer can see both my camera and their camera.
I can record audio in perfect quailty (128kbps) with the default Latency (1.5s)
This is weird. I worked on Cubase and many other audio/video software for many years, also fixed many setting issues myself. But this case, there is nothing more to handle.
I am asking my students to bring their computer to my studio next week, hope I will have more details for this case.
By the way, I am so sorry getting back late. I am too busy these days outside my studio, please don’t mind.

Thank you Musicullum and Cubase-Erklaerbaer.

Truly weird.
I only see now that you had already showed screenshots, sorry that I missed that.
Everything looks just right, so running out of ideas.
It would be great if you could make more tests. I see you are using the SE version, so you can’t make a local test. That might also be a problem when testing with your students, as you cannot connect within your local network when using the SE version. Tethering over smartphone should work, though.

Hello, I have the same issue.
impossible to have the customer’s video feedback, everything is well configured on all sides.
Whether on Windows or Mac any version confused.
on the other hand, for their part, customers with VST performer have no problem with Video feedback

there is no video support in the SE version.

That’s not true. Performer playing back a local video file in sync is not supported with SE (as is ADR support), but video “chat” is supposed to work.
There was a case where the pro version was running - which allows for different video settings - which then could fail when using the SE version thereafter.
You might try to remove setting files on either side c:/users//appdata/roaming, and there VST Connect Performer.ini and/or VstConnect.ini.

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Ok thanks
steinberg support sent me this link


Today I tried to install VST Connect Performer to my 2nd Computer, in oder to test the Video streaming. This laptop was using VST Connect performer 4, 2 years ago.
However, Vst Connect Performer crashed just 1 second after I clicked open.
Re-install, Re-start the OS won’t help.

There is no crash dump file was created, however when I click Report, I can see the crash dump info, and I attached here, hope you can take a look and give me a help.
This is not my main computer, which is totally new and runs daily without issue (except no video from performer)
VST Connect 5 Le Thanh Tam Crash Dump backup.pdf (109.2 KB)

Thank you so much.

For more info, this is a Late 2012 Macbook Pro, Catalina OS.

Hi @wanabeme308,

the Performer crashed because of the installed EuCon Adapter in combination with the eLCC. Do you use the EuCon Adapter on that system? If not, please delete the component and the Performer should open.
/Library/Application Support/Steinberg/eucon65.bundle

You also could install the latest SDA (Steinberg Download Assistant). This one will install the latest eLCC and its dependencies. After the SDA installation, you should open the SDA once.

Does it help?

Hi @Spork,

I currently open the app successfully.
However with the test from my location (The host machine uses LAN line, and the Performer machine uses smartphone 4G internet), the connection was never succeed.
It’s always fail with this notification: "No reply from friend, make sure both sides use the same up-to-date version.
I am sure that both of my computers are on latest version of Cubase and VST performer.
Once again, I am a multitask producer, so please forgive for my late reply.
I want to ask a question relate to P2P service: does it matter if our locations/internet IP are too far from Steinberg Location?

Thank you.

When no connection can be established at all, this is just a hint what might be a problem, it doesn’t mean that versions are wrong - without a connection, the other side cannot know which version is beeing used at the other end.

No, it does not. But the phone tethering might be a problem, although it works here all the time. But internet providers may block certain data from mobile connections, and that can be different in different countries.
I take that the very same connection via the friends page has worked for you already? In any case, you may want to try to connect via the keyword procedure instead.


So I think my mobil network has an issue, I will stop testing this way.

I just read a similar topic related to my issue:

May it happen to my student’s Camera? I am asking them but it’s a built-in Camera for their laptop.
The similar thing is, that Camera works well to all other applications, excepted VST Connect.

Thank you.

Reg. Studio can’t see Performer Cam: we found an issue when the SE version is beeing used.
Will get back as soon as the fix is available, sorry for the inconvenience.

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I have the exact same issue. I am hosting VST Connect SE and I can see myself, and the performer can see himself and me. But I cannot see the performer. Then, I shut it down and ran the demo version of VST Connect Pro and it instantly worked. I saw the performer’s video. When I went back to VST Connect SE, no performer video. The video settings are all correct. I am guessing the latest version of VST Connect SE is broken? I am also guessing that everyone using the latest VST Connect SE has this problem. Please let me know if there is a solution.

True, the bug only occurs with the SE version, we are working on a version that fixes this.


Thank you for letting us know.

For now I will work along with a video call until the next update.


Any updates on this? we’ve used VST connect se on my pc with my songwriting partner who is running performer on a mac and confident on configuration as we have had full success using it in the past but in last year I can not receive video from performer. I believe we are both on most current version, and that was first thing we checked.

Hi @hikarateboy,

we have fixed it with VST Connect SE 5.5.41 - have you installed it? You can download it directly in the Steinberg Download Assistent. Select the “VST Cloud” tile and choose “VST Connect (SE) 5.5”

Does it work now?

Yes, I confirm this issue has been fixed, however users need to install the update manually.
I don’t know if it has been attached to the new Cubase 12.0.60 or not?

… VCON 5.5.41 is now part of Cubase 12.0.60


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Sorry for the late response. YES! fixed. I guess that the issue here is that I didnt think that I would need to download updates outside of cubase in downloader as VST Connect originally installed with cubase so that was not clear. Im good now and working as expected. thanks so much for the quick response. Great tool.