VST Connect Pro Major issues

Hi Folks
I’ve used VST Connect for several years. I much prefer it to Source Connect. However, for my new (Cubase11.0.41) PC computer , I invested in VST Connect Pro 5 & now, sadly I cannot link with my v/o artists AT ALL when they use VST CONNECT PERFORMER 5.5.10, it simply refuses to work.
I have had some success with VSt Performer penultimate HotFix 4.0.45, but when I link with MAC users there are no HD files recorded on their computer!!
There are also issues with my webcam feed to the performer freezing straight away, that I haven’t had previously. Deeply frustrating. Any advise? Will Cubase 11.5/ 12 sort out these issues?

Hi, and welcome AJ_Fly!
Of course, you should use Performer 5.5 along with VSt Connect 5.5, and we certainly tested it. Could you pls. elaborate on ‘refuses to work’ - what exactly happens, or doesn’t?
Note that since version 5 it is possible to disengage Performer Main Channel Record Enable, and if no other channel is record enabled, no HD will be recorded. However, you will get a warning once (!) when you attempt to record with such settings.
Any additional information helps us to help you, thanks!

Huge Thanks for getting back to me so quickly.
Hmmm…I shall investigate the ‘disengage option’. (Is there a speicific button for that?) Don’t recall ever being warned but will be extra mindful. I’ll ask the v/o for a screen grab next time we try a 5.5 to 5.5 link and it fails to even open /launch at their end… I’'l be back!!!

Each Performer channel has a record enable button in the upper “RECORDING” section (PRO only). In former versions, the one assigned to the MASTER channel could not be disengaged, now it can.

I too am having issues with Cubase 11.0.41. Last time i used VST Connect was earlier this year with Cubase 10.5. The only issues we had was with an occasional dropout. however we managed to get the session done within 45min. Now I tried and the recordings are out of sync at first now it is not recording when i engage record it mutes the VST Connect input.

hi and welcome. Does the Performer use version 5.5? Give it a try. Also, what do you mean by “it mutes the VST Connect input”? You should hear Performer at any time via the Control Room VST Connect Monitor plugin. You will not want to hear it via Track Monitor (yellow speaker item in Performer Track) which should be disabled anyway, as this causes a huge delay.
Also watch out for the LEDs in the VST Connect plugin, are any becoming red when you loose signal? In that case it is recommended to increase the “Remote Delay” setting in said plugin (cogwheel) to 2.0 or 2.5.
Also see this for further details: https://helpcenter.steinberg.de/hc/en-us/articles/360012899079

I believe the issue was not having a solid bar on the Studio Connection. The Performer bar meter was solid. Now I am having an issue with connecting to a friend. We are both on versions 5.5. It has errors “You are already in a session” You don’t have the same versions" etc.
It connected twice yesterday but now errors to even connect. I am not understanding why these errors when I have used the same setup - nothing changed on my end thanks.

Seems to be working fine now thanks. I am going to connect with another friend to see if all is well…

Bars don’t have to be solid but must not drain. Those show 0.5 seconds of preloaded audio. If it drains, increase the “Remote Latency” value (given in seconds, so try 2.5 or so).
“You are already in a session” is a server message which means exactly that. This may happen if you and the Performer both use the same name.

Hi Guys,
I’ve got the latest version as well (5.5.10) on both my new PC and my laptop. I’m on Nuendo 11.0.4. I haven’t used VST Connect Pro for almost a year now and am trying to reacquaint myself with the setup.
I’m trying to test the system between my PC and Laptop on my LAN network. The directions say to use Share and not log in. So I sent the 2 sets of numbers to connect between my two computers. But I keep getting an error saying that I can’t connect the two on the same network.

Can anybody talk me through CONNECTING THESE 2 UNITS, so that I can test that everything works before I try it with someone outside of my studio?


For local network connection, do not log in or enter any numbers. Simply start Cubase or Nuendo with the VST Connect plugin, then on the other computer start the Performer and click on the now lit LAN icon.

Okay, I got it. Thanks!

Hi Again
When my Voice Over uses VST Performer 5.5 her account credentials are not recognised /unknown. We can’t get past first base…“Unknown email or password. Check your email and password, or register first.” - but she is registered! ( She’s using a Mac). IMG_5622|375x500
Any suggestions would be appreciated. Meanwhile it’s back to good old Clean Feed for now…

Hi AJ_Fly,

the screenshot does not like version 5.5 … it’s looking like version 4? Can this be? It’s a Mac? Please locate “/Applications/VST Connect Performer.app” and delete it and run the latest installer again. Download Link

Can you Performer login to version 5.5.10?

Hi Spork/ Musicullum
Help!.. Using LAN ID mode- when I give the performer the ‘Key’ she enters it, hits enter. and nothing happens.!!
We both get a not connected status at the bottom of the screen.
As a work around, I asked her to set up a My Steinberg account so that we could try linking up without a key. Which she has done, but she does not show up and is not discoverable when I search for her. What are we doing wrong?
She is using the latest version of VST Performer. I’m using the latest version of VST Connect Pro.
We are both on Windows 10. Image of her inactive screen enclosed. Please help as I’d like to stop using ISDN and get all my voiceovers to use VST performer in the future.

Picture looks about right, no reaction on the studio side? It’s unusual that the the ‘Connect’ button is active while nothing else happens on the studio end. The ‘Not connected’ text is not so relevant.
If she logged in with her My Steinberg account credentials, and registered within VST Connect (Performer), you should find her (yourself beeing logged in in the same way) in the ‘Find’ section using her VST Connect name that she supplied when registering. You may let us know that name and we could look it up if you don’t mind.

Hey There

Strangely, I can see a mate of mine ( gpsmusic ) but not Trish.

She’s registered as Trisha Jarman. ( ID trisha.jarman@btinternet.com )

I feel disappointed that the investment in Connect Performer Pro has so far been a backward step!






That is probably her My Steinberg registration address, but not the name that she provided when she registered inside the VST Connect Performer app, these are seperate from the My Steinberg registration, we cannot look this up, sorry.
Did you try the ID key method again later on? This always works, there may have been a temporary glitch. Also it happens that something goes wrong during connection, in that case it is best for studio to get a new ID and start over.


Thanks for helping…We’ve tried endless new ID Keys with no luck.

Apologies, if I have misunderstood, but how is it possible to register inside the VST Connect Performer itself? I thought the performer needs to set up a MySteinberg account in order to appear on the list. The name to search for would then be Trish. BTW_ I asked another v/o to register. Her name is ‘Libby’, again she’s nowhere to be found. The user function is slow and it takes a long time for the curser in the search box to ‘blink’. Sometimes you can’t even type in a name…Why is that?

In the meantime, I will ask everyone to dump 5.5.10 and try the penultimate hot fix,

as this seems to work with my VST Connect Pro version in ID mode. !






You say to dump 5.5.10, but use 5.5.20, right?
Anyway, when you log in VST Connect with your My Steinberg credentials (email and password), you are beeing asked to additionally provide a user name the very first time. This is usually only done once (‘Remember’ ticked), but the name you provide there ist the one used in the friends and search list. Maybe have her look up you instead, it should work in both directions. Which also mean you will have provided that user name as well.
You may try to log in to VST Transit (different product) with your My Steinberg credentials, it should find you and there in the profile section, you can look up your Transit user name, which is what is used for VST Connect as well.
Still we wonder why the ID method should not work. Maybe she has some firewall or so called “Internet Security” tools which block upd traffic altogether (or you have?). Try to disable all of that stuff. Not the system firewall, it does not block such traffic unless you (or some tool) have forced it to do so.