VST Connect Pro Latency issue on recording

Hello everyone,
just a quick question. I’m getting ready for an online session but my test shows a latency with the player’s side.
To make sure I tried with a person online and over the LAN in my studio with two computer and I had the same results.
Both times I had a latency of the recorded files, somewhere around 300 ms.
I’m using Win 7/64 bit, Cubase Pro 8.0.20 32 bit and VST Connect Pro 3.0.40
I followed the instructions found in the manual but nothing has changed so far.
I read an old topic

and looks like someone solved the problem by working on the performer buffer size.
Since it’s referred to an older version, is this still a way to go?
Anyone else has similar problem?
Thanks a lot for your help, I have this deadline getting closer!
Roberto Priori

you can try the buffer sizes on the performer side … sure … are you saying you have a latency in listening or in recorded material after the fact ??

Hi John1192, thanks.
Yes, the recorded material is out of place, and seems to suffer the same latency as in listening.
Shouldn’t the recording be sample accurate???

yes … the recording should be accurate … i hate to hear this kind of thing … gives me no confidence in VST …

We didn’t have any issues of this kind anymore. It is sample accurate regardless of buffer settings.
Make sure to have “Rehearsal” deactivated.
Try to deactivate ASIO Guard (Devices/Device Setup/VST Audio System).
If that doesn’t help, we need more details.

Thanks for your answers.

I tried both with no success, I’ll try to get more precise infos and I’ll get in touch again.


Hi, have you solved the problem of latency ?