Please Help - VST Connect Pro audio sync Issue!

We are trying to get Connect Pro to work, but are not able to record in sync with playback.
I feel that the manual is too weak, not explaining accurately what is supposed to happen.

How do we listen to the recorded audio from performer in sync with playback? This is causing sync problem.

We both have 20Mbps++ networks connected by wires entirely, so network issues is not likely here.

There is something wrong with the manner we record and play back.

Edit: We are recording in Performer REC, and the backing track is in Playback. After this, the recorded audio in Performer REC is NOT in sync with the project.

Please help anyone, is there something not described in the manual that we have to do?


The cuemix plugin has to be inserted in a group channel whose output is routed to the main output (volume fader set all the way down). You send the mix for the performer there. While it seems to work when you put the cuemix plug anywhere else like main output, recording will not be in sync. pls try the VST Connect template that is provided.

Thank you very much for your time!

We are using the template exactly as it is, and it is inserted and routed exactly as you describe.

But still, audio recorded in Performer REC is not in sync with the project.

I really don’t believe I should “drag the clip” to match the delay this is causing…? I want to keep the “Performers interpretation”, and me trying to sync it would not be the best match.

Correct me if Im wrong, I thought the transport and Playback within my (engineer`s) Project would not show until the audio had been sent to the performer AND recorded back, so the delay this is causing due to internet, would be calculated AND synced automatically by Cubase.

But this is not happening :frowning:

Thank you for your help, really appreciate it!

Of course you should not have to move the recorded audio, it should be in sample accurate sync.
When you start Cubase. do you experience a delay before playback starts? Also you may want to check the Remote Delay setting and try to raise it, usually 1 second should be ok. One more question: while recording, do you hear the performer in sync with the playback?
Sorry for the inconvenience but we’ll find out I’m certain.

When performing it is not in sync either…! Glad you asked, I forgot to tell.
And we have tried both 1 and 3 sec delay setting, in fact it is a little more out of sync when 3 sec is set.
And when transport starts, the sound starts immediately (I think it should delay!)

I have this problem, even though I use the VST connect SE template!

I solve it by simply not bussing the playback audio. This channel is sent to the group channel (as per the template) so the performer can hear it OK for his vocals or drums and it is always sync’ed perfectly!

The only issue is that, as the engineer, all I can hear was what the performer is doing. Once a take is completed, all I have to do is route the playback audio through the stereo output and I can hear the mix.

I don’t think it is how this programme should work but it enables me to use it with no sync problems at all!

If there is no other solution I hope this helps!

EDIT I am using the system wirelessly, with a 1 second delay setting!

Jim B

Could there be a bug in the template…?

How many are using vst connect seriously? I would like to know if they ever use the templates…?

by the way, will try what you describe! thanks!

Hi there,

You can download a dedicated project template for VST Connect Pro in the support section:

but it is exactly what we use! same link I downloaded…and still not in sync.

I’m currently abroad and have almost no access to anything…
The supposed usage of the cuemix group channel is to use sends to send the playback channels there. That’s just like when you make a monitor mix like on a live or studio recording desk aux (aka “foldback”) output. This way you can output the playback channel to your main output and to the “To Performer” Group simultaneously. I think this is how the template should be set up but cannot check it currently. Also make sure that the “To Performer” group channel is also routed to the main output. As the cuemix plugin is inserted there which creates the remote delay, you don’t want to hear it though, so lower its volume fader all the way down.
And yes, there should be as long a delay when you start the transport as was set up in the VST Connect plugin’s Remote Delay. If that’s not happening I suspect you may have activated Constrain Plugin Latency, which of course disables the remote latency as well.
Finally, not only have we tested this many times but also an increasing number of users have it working successfully, so stay tuned :slight_smile:

Hi Musi,

Thanks for the reply, and I will have a close look at the template when I get home tonight!

Regards the delay I was getting, it only appeared recently (thinking about it, it might be when I updated to CB 7.5) and even though I cant hear the “backing track” that the performer hears, I still hear the performers track as they record so it still works for me!

And I am still absolutely knocked out by VST Connect and have put together 3 tracks now where the vocals and drums are recorded remotely via the programme, and I am working on another this week end :smiley:

If I can get the programme up and running as it should do I will be a very happy bunny indeed…not that I’m unhappy at the moment :wink:

I’ll post what I discover with the template this evening.

Jim B

I had the box checked “adjust for record latency” while having this out-of-sync, could this be the reason…?
I`m not able to try this today, but please let me know if someone can tell the difference :slight_smile:

Hi AlbergKeys,

Just checked and “adjust for record latency” is not checked on my set up! Neither is “ASIO Guard” and “activate Steinberg audio power scheme”

That may be making the difference but I cant test it at the moment, sorry!


Hi all,

I have just completed a track, using VST connect as it should be used, and it was all fabulous!

The vocalist was 50 miles from me and the drummer 200!

This really is a great addition and, to anyone that may be having trouble using it, once you get your head around it you can get some superb results!

Here’s what we did:

Jim B

nice track!

But regarding this sync-problem, were you able to hear both playback and performer?
Did you use the template or did you call everyrhing up in the project?

Sorry AlbergKeys,

Yes I was able to monitor both performer and playback and yes I used the standard template.
I did 4 different takes of the lead vox, saving each one as an mp3’s to the desktop, and just chose the best sounding take when we had finished the session.

We had absolutely no sync issues on any of the takes and, as mentioned previously, I and the performer were connected wirelessly.

Did you check the Asio Guard, Steinberg power and latency adjust settings in your set up?

Jim B

Hi AlbergKeys,

Did you get VST Connect working?

Jim B

my performer was still not having the time for it… I will let you know ASAP when we get to test!

today we tried with the “adjust for recording latency” off.
Now there is a delay when recording as it should! But noe there is a small latency, maybe about 300ms.
This is still frustrating.

But no we are much closer! What could cause this latency?

Hi Alergkeys,

Glad to hear you are getting closer!

Did you also uncheck ASIO Guard and “activate Steinberg audio power scheme”?

It might be the last part of the puzzle !!

Jim B