Cant connect on VST CONNECT SE
It says: SSO Login Failed!

Login on Steinberg web page works fine, also tried to create a new account but same problem…
And in Settings, security and privacy both Cubase 11 and vst connect performer are allowed…
Dont know what to do??

Try again, works fine here.

tried, the same thing today :confused:
And again this morning on my hackintosh working fine…
same login and pass, same cubase dongle, istem is the same like in the studio.

So…it works now? Or only on some system? On which system does it fail?

No no.
It works at home but in my studio it dont works.

The sistem is almost the same. Cloned mac pro 5.1 Mojave on my hachintosh at home.
The same dongle, cubase and steinberg id.
I dont get it.
All software is the same.

In these cases, often some so called security or protection software may be the culprit. Try to disable any such tools.

Help! I am having the same problem. I sign in with my Steinberg ID and it says SSO Login Failed. Login on Steinberg web works fine. VST connect performer is allowed in security and privacy. Please help.

No problem here. Did you try again, does it work now? If not, try to login to MySteinberg on the Steinberg website, does that work? SSO is part of the mySteinberg login which is independant from VST Connect.
You may also connect to Performer using the ID method, which requires no login to MySteinberg. Click the ID icon, it provides 2 sets of numbers which you provide to Performer who enters those exactly as provided in his login and clicks “Connect”.

Hi, I have the same problem. Have you fixed it yet?

Just try again, no problems here.

no chance

well then we need much more detail. Your and other side system, login method, what do you do and what happens (not).