VST Connect working well, but HD transfer is blank

So I have tried now installing Cubase Pro on the Bootcamp partition of my 2019 MacPro. I did a test with the 2014 MacMini listed above. I also did a test with a Windows 7 laptop.

Both sessions ran and recorded fine. In the Files Manager and Recordings sections of the Plugin, I could see all the files on the remote computer and my performer friend verified that they were locally on his computer.

But when I press the Get HD Files Button the transfer happens and we both see progress bars, but the HD files inserted into my session are STILL blank.

Am I doing something wrong in the plugin?
(these latest round of tests were done with on both sides)

We are currently looking into HD transfer. But that doesn’t appear to be your problem, beacuse once the files show up (even empty) that means they were tranfered successfully.
I wouldn’t know of any other way for those files to be entirely (?) empty other that they were actually recorded that way. So are you sure you engaged the right channels for recording in the RECORD section of the VST Connect plugin? Or lowered the gain to zero (but you should have noticed) or did anything else to those channels? How many channels did you record, how many at one time, which were those…sorry, we need more details.

I will try to provide pictures or a video tomorrow .

Can your Performer friend take a look and verify the size of those files on his machine (before you try the HD transfer)…?

Ok, So I videoed me and my performer doing a test session this morning.


Contained in the link is the video and his VST Connect Performer folder from his Documents folder on his computer. We are both on Macs
I have included our tests on 3/25 using v4.0.30
and our tests today on 4/3 using v4.0.41

Puma, to answer your question, my performer verified the files and sizes both days.
HOWEVER on 3/25, he could play the files locally and hear the recordings. Today the files would not play as valid audio files on his computer even though the file sizes seemed correct. Possibly something has changed between versions in this arena?

Let me know how else I can help resolve this.

My Singer is using VST Connect Performer on their macbook. On my side as the recording engineer I’m using (VST Connect SE it keeps telling me a user tries to connect but uses an “incompatible version”.

I’ve been trying to get this work for days and it’s frustrating as hell watching others seamlessly use this thing. I have the latest install of Cubase 10.5.12 build 123 and whatever VST connect SE that came with it. The performer on the other side is using VST Connect Performer the very very latest versions from the connectvst website. What am I doing wrong?

download the latest version from connectvst.com - this updates your version of VST connect SE

It didn’t update the VST Connect SE it’s still 4.0.10

But is that what I need to do? Update the SE in Cubase to a more current one?

take a guess :slight_smile:

Well honestly that’s all I’ve been doing with all of this. Guessing! Absolutely nowhere is it specified that the performer app needs to be in the
same version bracket as the Connect SE program that comes with Cubase. Don’t know why this SE Connect doesn’t automatically update with
every update of Cubase that I’ve done recently. It’s all great technology with Steinberg but a damn guessing game and a half! It didn’t even say anywhere in the documentation that you need to send the “monitor 1” output in the control room to the same physical outputs to replace the usual “Stereo out” otherwise you won’t hear the damn performer unless you monitor him/her through the speaker icon in the track controls! Massive latency and headache til I worked out by myself that the monitor 1 needs tweaking for outputs! Guessing game.

But thank you so much for pointing me in the right direction. I really appreciate it.

cubaseuser1979 - do you have it working now ?

I thought the error message was pretty clear in this particular instance and if you had searched these forums …


I know it’s frustrating.

Have you read the connectvst.com web page - it will help ?

Yeah had it working for a second and the next connection, performer wasn’t being heard at engineer end. Blank audio would also record. Sometimes it connected properly and the performer is coming through clearly.

ok - that’s progress at least. Can I suggest you start a new topic (rather than hijack ) and list the issues with as many details as possible

bear in mind that people on this particular forum are trying to help (for free!) so keep it factual and informative - just complaining isn’t gonna get things fixed. Everybody wants to get you working :slight_smile:

VST connect seems pretty complex but once you’ve ironed out your particular problems I think you’ll be fine(ish)

Thanks a lot for this, it will certainly help. We are looking into this right now.

Again, this is very helpful. We are looking into it.
Can you size those takes to check if it ‘just’ has an offset with silence, but audio later on?

That’s an interesting thought. I will check. I will also try with a host session whose time code start is set to

The one I have been using currently has a start around

That might indeed be a problem. We are currently looking into all sorts of possible offsets.

Ok, so we tried it this morning with the host session set to a start of


HD files transfer came over as expected. So as soon as we’re able to get Performer to account for a start time other than I think we’re in business for remote scoring session purposes. Both in regards to HD Files AND getting a remote picture to lock up for the performer to play to.

This is extremely encouraging and will be a tremendous advantage for Cubase Film/TV/Game composers once it’s working.

Now, can it be done yesterday??? :wink:

Will fix TC offset in 4.0.42 which is in the making, sorry for that. Good to know it works otherwise!

I tried 4.0.42 today (on both sides), but it seems like it’s doing the same thing. If my cubase session is anything other than, the performer HD files don’t transfer correctly.