VST Equalizer Plugin for Spectralayers?

Does anyone know of an inexpensive VST multiband equalizer plugin that works with a standalone copy of Spectralayers 10?

Any VST3 plug-in will work.

Best bet will probably be Pro Q 3.

TDR Nova is a nice one. The free version has four dynamic EQ bands plus HP and LP filters. ToneBoosters Equalizer is great as well and pretty cheap.

Agree on Pro-Q being the best, but the realtime changing eq curves don’t show up in SpectraLayers; neither in preview nor render mode.
And as said, any VST3 plug-in will do of course.

In case you or anyone can help - I have a VST3 plugin that works normally with Sound Forge 17. It’s called iZotope Alloy 2. When I copy and paste the path to the Alloy 2 folder into SLP 10 as directed in the SLP 10 manual, I see nothing when I attempt to use it under “Process effects VST3”. Alloy 2 is listed under the x86 common folders in my root directory (Windows 11). Does SLP 10 look for a specific type of file in the folder to which SLP is directed? Or, is there something I am (no doubt) missing? Thanks / G

Nice catch @Gregory_McCollum ,

I must admit I rarely use the freq display (always ears only, when possible) but I see why they would be useful. So, I had not noticed that issue. Has it been reported?

I still think ProQ3 is the best/simplest across the board for a new user though.

Or perhaps have a look at Plugin Alliance TBTECH Kirchhoff-EQ. Just checked that and the display works fine. It is a bit of a beast but well worth putting the time in to learn it.:

Not reported. I guess I should. / Thanks for your suggestions. I’ll check them out. / G

There is a glitch/bug concerning finding VST3 plug-ins and a fix is coming up in 1-2 weeks: