VST expression maps, help needed

Is anybody on here any good at creating expression maps? I’m trying to create an expression map for the Joshua Bell VST by Embertone. There is one on the Steinberg sticky forums, but it just doesn’t sound right and it doesn’t play all the different articulations.

I thought I would try to start building one but quickly realized I don’t know what the heck I’m doing.

Can someone help me please? I will make sure to post the map when its completed.

I made that particular expression map. Could you tell me what you think is wrong with it? Did you remember to set the Pro Controller option in the Joshua Bell control tab?

Hi @Kimfierens thank you for responding. I am very new to this stuff and I meant no disrespect, and I appreciate the work that went into the mapping. I have been trying to figure this out for about 4 days, and I was working on posting some examples (I can still do that if you would like). But, I think It was user error on my part. After importing your file and setting the the VST to the Pro Controller setting it was just not playing correctly, but I found that I have to change the middle C setting in the Dorico Expression map to C-5. Once I did that things changed and it sounded so so so much better.

On the Expression map you created do you think there are any other “expressions” that need to be added? I took a screen (stitched together) shot of all the articulations but I was not sure that they are all covered. I also thought I noticed a delay between instruments? But that may not be in the expression map.

Screen Shot here:
Google Photos

I also found this document that someone else started to put together:

I can post my test file of the play back if it helps.

Thanks for your reply! Yes, it’s a bit of a problem that Kontakt’s octave numberings are not consistent; although I think that the reason why this is the case is that it allows the user with a midi keyboard to customize the octaves where the keyswitches are located.

I have only incorporated those keyswitches for which there already existed a standard text expression in Dorico, like pizzicato. If you want additional articulations to be available you can add those yourself. I can help you with that, if you want. Please post your playback examples.

Good Evening @kimfierens
So I am looking through the Expression map. Trying to learn by looking at what you made vs what is in the VST.

On the Sticcato for Example. It included a velocity of 112-127 and the word latch. is that something you represented in the expression map? is it even needed? Just wandering.

I wish I could just call you. LOL

Another Question.
What about the Legato key switches? There are Bow, Slur, Portamento, Speed (Normal, Imm) and Accent. I tried making them. They just didnt sound good.

Hi @kimfierens Any chance you saw what I was talking about in the Expression Map?

Good afternoon @kimfierens any luck you can help me on this?