Vst live & touchosc

Hi everyone, I’m using TouchOSC to drive Vst Live with a tablet connected Wired/WiFi to the PC. Everything works fine. I created a “control surface” that allows me, via MIDI messages, to change songs, change the parts of each song, start and stop song playback and much more.
However, I was unable (I don’t know if it’s possible) to activate a two-way communication model. For now TouchOSC sends midi messages to Vst Live but not the other way around.
It would also be great to have communication from VSt Live to TouchOSC to update on the tablet, for example, the volume levels when the song changes or when a part of the song changes.
Do you have suggestions?
Thank you in advance

I asked for a similar feature some month ago.

Hi @Giorgio_Pellegrini and @Falfango,

it’s on the roadmap. Just give us a bit …

Have some nice days,