VST Midi Mapping


I’m currently working on some electronic compositions and really like the hybrid workflow of music notation and semi-production. I’m using some VSTs though, that don’t come with an internal midimapping, so I can’t use the CC automation as a part of the notational workflow.

Is there any feature in that direction planned?

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PS: Hopefully I’m posting as intended in the guidelines, I didn’t find a particular topic on that (allthough I remember there was a thread on another topic mentioning it being on the table, but it was from 2018 or so - didn’t found the topic unfortunately)
I did found this topic (Feature Request: ReWire/MTC), but it being several years old, I’m not quite sure whether we’re all the way there yet.

There’s no possibility at the moment to address VST parameters directly via Dorico’s automation editor, but it’s certainly something we want to add in future. In the meantime, I wonder whether a creative solution would be possible by hosting your VST plug-ins in Bidule and then creating the mapping between MIDI CC and the VST parameter in Bidule?

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Thanks dspreadbury!

I’m actually working on a Max Patcher as a workaround, still working on the message handling, but maybe you can give me a hint on how to work around the audioconnections then?

I’ve read in the forum, that ReWire isn’t an option for Dorico, so I’m not sure, how exactly I’d set it up - For now I’m thinking of setting up a Midi Instrument, send the automated CCs through, route everything in the Patch and then send the Audio back (Which I don’t have an idea on how yet).

But one of the VSTs is an Effect which is processing the sound of the written Score, so I would have to send Audio out, automate the processing, send it back and I’m expecting latency issues before even scripting the patch out.

  • since I’m planning on staying with Dorico I guess I’ll see when this feature arrives, but I’m really hoping, that it’s on a top position of the upcoming feature list :D.

I’m afraid I don’t think there’s any way to route audio out of Dorico to a plug-in hosted in another application and then back again.