VST Plug-in ordering/sorting


Just installed the Cubase 6, mentioned, that the selectable Instruments/Effects within the VST-Insert slots or instruments are not very well organized.

I like to have it sorted by type (Compressor, Reverb, Maximizer, etc.) or instrument (Piano, Drums, Sample-Player, etc)
Is it possible, to sort and get this organized in a way? There is nothing written in the Cubase manuals and also there is no threat reflesting this issue.
How can the vst3-plug-ins sorted? As far as I know, the overall information is already included in the plug-in itself, right?

How are you handling this? Appreciate any comment.

Thanks and Regards

I would also like to have the plugins sorted like that, but as far as I know you can only sort plugins by Manufacturer.

VST2 plugins can be sorted by creating folders in your plugin-folders and moving your plugins to these folders.
I do not think this is possible with VST3 plugins though.

There was an earlier response from Steinberg on this topic:



Just a hint:
If you name the respective folders with the VST2-plugins same as the VST3 plugins already have, you can show all the related plugins into one folder in Cubase 6.

e.g. There is a VST-folder named “Distortion”. If you create a folder named “Distortion” into the VST plugins folder of Cubase 6, and place your selected plugins within this folder, it shows it accordingly in the “insert-slot” of Cubase 6.

Actionally this does not really solve the “problem”, but make the work easier than to search all the way for the desired plugin.