VST Plugin Blocklist

Dear community,
I bought a new VST plugin for my MAC (M3). Unfortunately the plugin ends up in the “blocklist” in VST Live - how can I get it to work?
According to the manufacturer, the plugin is for M1 and M2.

You should let us know what that plugin is?

Dear musicullum,

its Fab Filter Pro C2. From my point of view, the problem with VST Live is because the plugins run in Garage Band…

Basically I would like to say thank you for the development of VST Live and the support here. It’s fun to work with the software - we’ve already had 6 complex live missions without any problems. A dream!

Thank you!

FabFilter runs fine here on Windows, we’ll check the Mac version.
here’s a rundown of steps we did:

  • new project
  • insert plugin in “Song 1” channel (or “MAIN”)
  • check to see if it works

Let us know if that works for you? If so, what else did you do, in particular: where did you insert the plugin? Thanks.

ich kann das Plugin leider nicht einfügen, weil es ja im Menü nicht auftaucht. Ich habe es im Stack und im Mixer versucht.

Here some shots:

Sorry: Unfortunately I can’t insert the plugin because it doesn’t appear in the menu. I tried it in the stack and in the mixer.

Hmm! It appears / working to me on mac… also measured proC2 just for quriosity… it works in ZERO latency mode when set “Lookahead OFF”, and puts 40samples only on the top with 4x oversampling.

What happens when ticking “Rescan at next start” in Blockilst tab?

The same thing happens. The plugins are back on the blocklist. Where do you set “Lockahead Off”?

First it needs to be open :sweat_smile:

… which version of VST Live are you running? You may want to try out the latest Pre-Release? More info here


I have updated. Same problem. I hope someone could solve my problem - the plugins the plugins were very expensive :scream:

It’s definitely not the MAC - the plugins work great in Garage Band and Cubase LE.

Hi! As it’s working to me, checked my prefs.
Could u check if only one version of the plugin is added? VL on my MacOS utilising the VST3 version of proC2. Maybe we could narrow it a bit.

Thank you for your effort. There are both versions in ~Libary/Audio/Plugins: VST and VST3. I was thinking: I bought the bundle as a GNU GPL license (this cannot be updated) in version 2.15 (Apple Silicon 64bit). Could this be because your tests work?

There must be a reason why VL blocks this version while Garage Band runs the plugins without any problems.

Hi! I’m still under Intel Mac and my VST2 and VST3 plugins are separated and usually just let VST3 versions on my computer a while. Try to narrow this somehow.(I don’t have experience with Apple M series, sry,)

Hi @Marco_Fiedler,

I’ve tested

I’ve tested Fab Filter Pro C2 Version 2.19 and the are running fine. Hm. You cannot update the lug-Ins?

Can you please locate the following folder, zip and give it to me?
/Users/YourUsername/Library/Application Support/Steinberg/VST Live

Thank you,

That would be very nice. However, this folder does not exist with me. Only those in the picture are available. Which of these could contain the information you need?

… the folder is hidden. Please press “Command+Shift+Dot” to show hidden files. More here.


Hi there, i am not using VST Live but it happened to me that if you run a 64 bit OS and VST and VST3 plugin of the same brand are installed, the plugin won t appear because VST does not support a 64 bit OS. Try to delete the VST file, so that only tbe VST3 plugin will stay in your audiofolder. Start the program again.
Otherwise deinstall and install without the VST plugin.

May be that helps.

Hi @Marco_Fiedler , I’m pretty sure your GarageBand is using the AU version (not VST). And agree with @Vamp to try hide VST version and show VST3 to VSTLive at least for testing (as I mentioned this too. In addition VST3 isn’t a new guy, it’s from 2008… so I just untick “old” VST formats at any new plugin installation).