VST plugins get wrong multichannel settings Nuendo 13

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I am experiencing a very strange behavior of some of my multichannel plugins in Nuendo 13. For example, when I insert an instance of Fabfilter R-2 into a 9.1.6 bus, I can sometimes only set the plugin up to 7.1.4 (input) or sometimes even stereo.

Same happens to my APL Virtuoso, which should also run fine in 9.1.6 and sometimes does, but sometimes gets restricted by Nuendo to Stereo (input).

Sometimes I can fix that by unloading the plugin and starting it new, sometimes not.

I don’t get it - is this a known bug, or am I missing out on something very basic? Please help! Many thanks!

there is a new update that is supposed to fix this!

Its standard to test vst in nuendo and aax in protools….almost every other DAW has its own private channel mapping quirks . This is an old pdf shared by the developer of Stratus 3D. Before he left Izotope.
Page 55 discusses the issue relating to channels.

This is straight from the email exchange I had.

As developer for the Exponential Audio plug-ins specifically designed the “3D” versions of Symphony and Stratus to run in Pro Tools (AAX) or Nuendo (VST3). While other VST3 hosts may be able to open Symphony 3D and Stratus 3D, this will not be officially supported and you may encounter issues with the channel mapping as each DFAW handles this differently.

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Well aware of this quirkyness, not sure how on topic this is. The issue is not that it goes wrong in any random plugin; but in virtuoso. They claim it has been worked around, i would like to know if that is the case indeed.

As I stated in my first post, its not only Virtuoso, but also other multichannel plugins. That’s why I assume it’s a Nuendo problem rather than a third party one.

Also, the quoted Virtuoso update is outdated, they didnt figure anything new in the meantime. The channel mapping of Dolby Atmos is a completely different topic.

So, nobody else has this weird Nuendo behaviour??

Hi there are some plugins that don’t adhere to Nuendo specifications, but most do.
I can understand that It can be frustrating when a plugin you have invested does not work as expected.
Now Nuendo has some exceptional tools that you can try and iron out the issue till the time they are not fixed by the plugin manufacturer.
Meanwhile here are some of the workarounds you can try.
You can use the MixerDelay plugin in Nuendo to remap your plugin out. You can also use Melda MChannelMatrix to do the same.

On the suggestion of Nuendo changing its workflow to match some laziness of plugin developers will break hundreds of films, documentaries etc that was successfully done on it for decades. It would be suicidal. For it to even contemplate such a move…I hope you get the gist.

Adding to the above…This is how I ended using Stratus to adhere to reaper for Atomant game cinamatics… engaging with reaper developers to change their workflow would have lead us nowhere, so we contacted the plugin developer and I shared his message above. So I found a way to patch and reroute the plugin to adhere to reaper…
And yes Izotope has sill not fixed it even after 5 years.
I stuck to Stratus 3d because I know it so well that it takes a few minutes to match rooms, or create one that works for the scene under consideration. And i can sympathise with your R2 reverb experience.

On the suggestion of Nuendo changing its workflow to match some laziness of plugin developers will break hundreds of films…

Unless they make it a switchable option in Project Settings.
So that those projects can remain in the old order, unaffected. And new projects can move forward with the correct order :partying_face:.
Even though some plugin developers would drag their feet in bringing their channel order in line with SMPTE. It would start the ball rolling.

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Over time you love and hate some. I had heavily invested in Izotope and Wave for more then a decade but lately I had started to see cracks appear.

When they launched PSP auralControl it was heaven sent, but there were some workflow issues so I contacted them.

“Hi Greetings First and foremost, I really love the idea of of surround controller. Previesly I was using Wave 360 manager which was limited to 5.1 only. So thanks for the app. Two questions. One - I have a 5.1.4 setup for immersive surround mix. and there are no preset for either 5.1.2 or 5.1.4 and are the rpresets coming, or is it possible too set it up for these manually. Second - I use my laptop running Mac and desktop running windows. can I run on both with a single license. Regards RM”

I immediately received an answer from them

“I will add 5.1.4 and other formats as soon as possible.”
Best regards,
Adam Taborowski

I opened another support ticket for “Any update on PSP auralControl crashing resolve fairlight

HI Greetings
Thanks for adding support for 5.1.4 ‘
just a quick feedback, the plugin works fine, I can control individual channels, calibrate their output by fader but then locks up Resolve/Fairlight and the Atmos projects refuses to start and only opens up once I disable the plugin.

“We are working on the update of the auralControl when the beta will be ready for testing I would send you a link.
Warm regards from Warsaw
Antoni Ozynsk

“And I will add 5.1.4 and other formats as soon as possbie.”
Best regards,
Adam Taborowski

And within few weeks I received a fix which worked like a charm.

“Hi Rajiv,
I hope everything is ok.
FYI We just released the update of auralControl to version 1.2.2.
PSP auralControl was crashing DaVinci Resolve while loading session (VST3 format only). The main reason of the issue is that DaVinci Resolve software returns invalid DATA for VST3 plugins. We have prepared a quick fix that restores 99% of the plugin’s state (PSP auralControl) which should be all that is needed (only some paths for presets might be missing). We have contacted DaVinci Resolve developers’ team - so hopefully they will fix that as soon as possible. PSP auralControl shouldn’t cause any more crashes in DaVinci resolve.
Regards from Poland. Be safe and healthy.
Antoni Ozynski”

And I really like them. The Govt. of India project I was working on was very important. And I fell in love with PSP for quickly resolving the issues.

Another heaven sent plugin that is fast replacing Izotope and Wave is from the humble Toneboosters.
It solves a critical workflow issue for 7.1.2 bus processing.
Their version 4 compressor and Eq has something called channel linking. In our animation renderer we have something called light linking, it’s similar and it has saved me tons of headache and has replaced Neutron.