VST plugins on blacklist causing crash

Hi guys

Having a new problem out of the blue on a system that has been working for many many months without any problems.

Launching Cubase gives me an error

Can't get core function pointer

When I get into a project that uses one of the blacklisted VSTs (I get an alert) I go to the Plugin Manager and try to remover the plugin from the blacklist. Cubase immediately crashes. Maybe unsurprisingly the VST in question is an Izotope plugin. I have read loads of threads here with users having problems with Izotope plugins, but mostly it seemed in Cubase 9.

I would have expected that issue to be resolved by now, especially as I have been using said PIs for many many months. No updates, no changes. Just one day works next day dont.

Any indication what the ‘core function pointer’ suggests? Obviously the Izotope PI is causing Cubase to crash immediately after reinstating it. Why now? I am in the middle of a big project that is apparently now dead in the water.

Cubase 10.5 Pro
Mac OSX 10.14


That’s the reason, why Cubase put the plug-in to the blocklist originally. There is something wrong in the plug-in, what could lead to the crash. Cubase detected this during the 1st test and put it to the blocklist (to avoid Cubase crashes). If you remove the plug-in manually from the list, you do it at your own risk that you will face the issue.

Hi Martin. Thanks for a quick response.

Maybe it wasnt clear in my first message where I said

Obviously the Izotope PI is causing Cubase to crash immediately after reinstating it.

I understand the whys and wherefores of the blocklist.

My confusion lies in trying to understand after months - years - of using this same setup on many projects these plugins suddenly fail.

As I troubleshot the problem, with each subsequent crash, more and more plugins were added to the blocklist. I finally had to reinstall Cubase and I was back to just the original 4 Izotope plugins on the blocklist.

So I’m stuck now trying to find replacements for the tracks I had used them on.

Something seems suspect with Izotope product that just doesnt work well with Cubase. Is there some kind of VST verification process they have to abide by before they can publish VSTs? I had loads of problems with StutterEdit in C7 and C9 that would make it crash every time.


The testing is completely on their side. If I’m not mistaken, Steinberg provides a basic test run (more or less the same, which Cubase runs to decide to pass or blacklist the plug-in). But it’s up to the plug-in developer to run it.