Vst Sound not found error


I installed the trial version of Halion 5 that comes with Cubase Pro 8 and now when I uninstalled it, I get this error that some VST Sounds are missing on Cubase startup.

Is it cure for this to re-install the Cubase or to install these VST Sound Collections:



The error message is just telling you the presets you had with Halion 5 are not there anymore, which is ok because you uninstalled it.
Just click Remove from library.

Unless something happened during uninstalling and you miss some Cubase factory vst sounds, you don’t need to reinstall anything.

Hi misohoza, thanks.

When I go to the folder in this path:
C: User/Name/AppData/Roaming/Steinberg/Content/VST Sound

There are no sounds at all there. Is it possible I’ve deleted all VST sounds from there while I was uninstalling the Halion 5 with Revo-Uninstaller application? The folder should be empty there or no? If not, how to install the missing VST Sounds?

Run Cubase installer.

It will either tell you Already installed or should give you the option to install/reinstall missing content.