VST Transit Join where to take it from

Hello I need your urgent help, in time of Coronavirus it is important for me to record music remotely.
I have bought your Cubase months ago, and now I want to use VST TRANSIT JOIN beta
But what is happening, the page does not give me any download, it loads all over and back the same page…
WHere can I downoad this VST TRANSIT JOIN from? I would llike test it both with Logic and Cubase.
It does not come to my email…

Please help

Sorry, I can’t offer any help with logging in and authentication errors. However, it may be best you post this in the VST Cloud dedicated forum pages, here…

BTW - I reckon it would be great if Steinberg could divert some energy to higher profile promotion of all these ‘Cloud collaboration’ apps, especially VST Connect.

Some more quick and dirty videos, tutorials/walkthroughs are needed to help guide folk please (looking at the amount/type of issues still being reported)…

Dear Steinberg, dear all, I am trying to sort out things. I have tried the Performer first and VST with the trial VST Connect Pro version. I have 2 important questions as I am not able to sort it out.

  1. Vst Connect - Does it allow me to work at the same time with 2 different people at the same time, in 2 different locations while I am a host? I guess not, right?
  2. I finally got the VST transit join, but HOW to configure it with Logic? Theere is a tutorial for ProTools but I need Logic. I have created the Inst1 track where my instrument is set to VST Transit but when i press record on the Transit Plugin nothing records, I set the Logic Pro X audio as an input, which is ok, but the I want to record something into it, so I created another instrument track but how can aim it to the VST Tranist Join. Why it is so difficult??? No tutorial for Logic… Any solution? IN LOGIC it is not possible to "route the audio tracks’ Logic channel as the tutorial is saying to the instrument channel input (VST Transit Join is the instrument plugin)


Seems you’re not alone with lack of info/instruction for Logic users…

Why not post in that thread (as well…?). Maybe it will help get it some attention. :wink:

Good luck,