VST3 Presets and Onedrive

Why is Dorico Pro 5 writing to the inactive onedrive folder? The files settings are set to documents folder on my computer and not onedrive. I’m running windows 11.

Because Windows has a link between Onedrive and your User folders.

The folder C:\Users<your name>\onedrive is basically linked to C:\Users<your name>, so everything you save in your local folders is visible via that link and if you switch OneDrive on it will sync your desktop, documents and everything else.

I hate OneDrive and find it really annoying MS wants to default everything to it. The first thing I do once installing the OS is make sure everything points to local locations and uninstall OneDrive. If you’ve already been using it and MS has been installing programs that are configured to use OneDrive then it’s really a PITA to fix if you now don’t want to use it.

First, are you completely sure your OneDrive isn’t connected? Mine looks like this:

If yours is still connected, start by unlinking it there. Once you’re sure it’s not connected, open the Registry Editor (regedit.exe) and look at HKEY_CURRENT_USER\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Explorer\User Shell Folders. Are any of these values still set to use OneDrive? For example, mine looks like this without any OneDrive locations at all:

If you have any OneDrive locations listed in the above, start by fixing those. (I’d create a System Restore point first so you don’t screw up your registry.) You’ll almost certainly have other registry values that will need fixing too. Good luck! If all else fails and you haven’t done a clean install lately, backing everything up and doing a clean install of the OS will fix it too. Just be sure to change the location and remove OneDrive before doing anything else.

Thank you. Thank you. My registry was very dirty with onedrive. The onedrive on my users folder remains empty like it should be. Yea! When I was using onedrive in Dorico or Word I didn’t know if the file was online of onedrive or on my pc. What a mess. Onedrive is great for collaborating Office but, personal? It would be nice if there was a collaborating feature to run in Steinberg products.
Thanks again.

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