Wait for new UR driver / firmware prior to Sierra upgrade.

This is just a pre-claim to let people have less trouble by the time Apple finally ships macOS Sierra to the public in this September / October.

As what I tested macOS Sierra (developer beta 3) runs fine using Cubase 8.5 with a fully-POWERED class-compliant USB Audio Interface (I didn’t test video-file-related functions yet since I rarely use them; If using on-board USB from your MacBook, it needs external power supply or your Cubase may quit unexpectedly).

However, Steinberg UR22 hinders my laptop from booting once plugged prior to system startup; plus, kernel panic could get triggered once you disconnect UR22 from your laptop. Thus, I urge users of Steinberg UR series to wait for Yamaha Steinberg Driver Update (with firmware updates) and install the update(s) prior to upgrade your system to macOS Sierra in this fall.

Update: Do not only update your Yamaha Steinberg USB Driver, but also: your device needs to have most-recent firmware update (for UR22 mkII, it is 1.03 at this moment). I don’t have my device with me anymore but I guess this matters. I suggest UR users to apply most recent firmware & driver updates prior to upgrading macOS to Sierra.


Any update on Mac OS Sierra driver?

Any update as to wether these issues have been resolved with the final release?


I have this problem also, when I disconect my UR28M from my mac, and my mac suddently shutdown and restart with black out (no loading sign)… I must hard restart my mac after that…

I can confirm this issue is still present in Sierra as of today, 10/03/2016. With the UR22 interface connected, the machine does not restart, shutdown, or wake from sleep properly without a kernel panic.

Have you tried installing the latest Yamaha USB Driver (v1.9.10)? Not the driver included in UR TOOLS that I think is v1.9.8.

I installed that and my problem (iMac shutdown when power off my UR44) disspaeared. Now it’s all working fine.

Hi David,

Thanks - I will install it and test today and reply with results.

I actually downloaded that yesterday, but when I went to install the downloaded driver pkg file I noticed that Finder shows it as having been created on July 29, 2016. But the description on the Steinberg site says it was updated on Sep 13. I just figured, based on Steinberg issuing the warning on their site still that there are still issues, that it was the same old driver.

Sit tight and wait for Steinberg official announcements. Once they finished solving this issue, they will let the public know.

I have waited for the official release of OSX Sierra and I’m having exactly the same problem described below. The problem is quite easy to replicate.

  1. Install OSX Sierra (I had my sound card UR28M working fine)
  2. After the reboot the sound card worked fine
  3. As soon as I disconnect the USB cable or Turn Off the audio card, the computer freezes and shows the black screen telling me there was a problem in the computer and it had to be rebooted.

We all wait for an update :frowning:

Please bear in mind that it won’t be my responsibility anymore to blame Steinberg on their delayed release of new drivers for new OS builds, according to what I currently involved or what I had ever involved. Also, this may not be blame-able due to Steinberg’s own concerns of compatibility changes among small builds of a single major version of macOS.

I’m having this problem too, although the UR22 mkII works fine in macOS Sierra, when I unplug it the computer resets with the black screen.

My Mac mini keeps rebooting itself after shutting down when switching the ur824 off after the fact.
Also crashes when unplugging while Mac is in use.
This is terrible. There have been betas of Sierra for months.
Please release a fix!

I have the UR44 and after upgrading to Sierra my iMac 5k will shut down if I power off my UR44. If I wait to power off my UR44 after I shut down the iMac properly it causes it to boot up! This is a hardware issue I believe. I completely uninstalled the drivers and it still behaves this way. Something in the USB port is sending a power signal to the iMac.

I guess I should’ve waited for more info before I “upgraded” to Sierra.

I have the log file if anyone at Steinberg is interested.


I had to update my OS to 10.12 Sierra because of another issue. You can imagine my confusion when it kept shutting down.

I bought my UR22 because I could trust the name. I knew that things like drivers would be updated always.

Sierra has been in the works for a solid half year. Really guys? Can’t get this together? Shame.


I repeat:

I had the same issue (iMac shutting down when unplug or power off my Steinberg UR44) but now I’m using macOS Sierra without issues since I installed the Yamaha USB Driver v1.9.10. The version of this driver included in UR TOOLS is v1.9.8 and it seems to cause the problem.

Please, thoose who need to use Sierra, try to install the Yamaha USB Driver v1.9.10. Perhaps you can still working without issues while we wait for Steinberg offer officially support to Sierra.

Thanks ChoPraTs, I have just bought a brand new i Mac running on Sierra and the Steinberg UR22 MkII but even having loaded the driver you recommended V 1.9.10 pkg the Mac rejects it at boot up. So no audio interface! I don’t know how long this will take so maybe this will need to be returned and another interface purchased. Any suggestions on something that will actually work as I need to start working with the mac?

I have tried 1.9.10 on a iMac Retina 5K, my external display stops working and the UR22 USB light starts blinking.
When I uninstall the driver and reboot, then my external display starts working again.

Uninstalled the driver using the uninstall prog from the supplied disc and after reboot the UR22 hardware appeared as an option in the system audio preferences unfortunately without the driver there doesn’t seem to be any way to enable loop back which is important in what I am trying to do. However at least now I can drive my external speakers from the MAC without having to use the awful internal card and that 3.5 mm jack output. Cannot record anything playing on the MAC. Tomorrow will try a phantom powered microphone into the UR22 to see if that input is working?it’s too late in the day now…been working on this for hours.

Steinberg a lovely piece of kit but I still need a driver to work with it.

I purchased the UR 22mkll interface just a few months ago. I then 2 weeks ago updated my computer software to Sierra, which I didn’t know would lead into the interface not working anymore. After a bit of research I downgraded back to el capitan and installed the drivers (I tried both the CD and newest update from Steinberg web site), but the device still won’t work. My computer says there’s no drivers for it when I go to the sound setting. Does anyone have any idea what to do?! #desperate

Sent the product back. Pity was perfect for what I wanted but without a driver it is of no use. The push was my computer crashing again after my earlier mail, it stopped recognising the device. I called MAC support as my computer is brand new but to roll back to the previous operating system meant a whole lot of grief according to MAC support. I might have lost the latest files, a months worth, as using time machine back ups to roll back only restores files stored up to the time of the back up, so without an additional back of of files created post that back up saved somewhere else you could potentially lose files stored post the date and time you roll back to. In the end I figured it was easier to get my money back and start again so I have gone for another device that uses standard drivers and it works. Audio highjack will provide a way to record streams and although I will have to import the file into the DAW for the editing process it at least works. So as the thread title suggest wait a bit before upgrading.