Waiting for printer connection

Sometimes when switching to Print mode, I get the following message:

I can’t reproduce it; it seems to happen about 10% of the time, and not on any one file. When this happens, print preview never displays. However, I can ignore it and export without any problems.

Are You sure your printer is turned on? I get this when my printer is turned off. The solution was to make my default printer “ Microsoft print to pdf”

I don’t use a printer. I’ve never seen this message in the past 5 years of using Dorico; it only started appearing recently.

Ok but what is your default printer. I’m not sure but I think You always have one. Even when You don’ t use it. Maybe it started with the latest Windows update.

I have the same problem in cubase (since a few months) not even a printer connected

Probably it isn’t the solution here, but I remember of a Cubase user that solved this issue reinstalling the printer driver and restarting the machine…