Waiting for printer connection when opening a project

I had this issue since Cubase 13.0.20:

Every time when I open a project a message appears which says:
“Please wait for printer connection or cancel connection”.
(see also Dorico forum: Waiting for printer connection

This happens in every project.
I never used the printer in Cubase, so I have no idea why this message shows up.


Sorry about this issue. This usually happens when Windows is trying to connect to a printer that is currently unavailable, for instance not connected to the network. Nonetheless I’m very surprised you are seeing this issue when opening a project. Opening a project should never lead to waiting for a printer to be ready.

Could you upload a video / film of this issue so that we can make sure we’re on the same page?


It is somehow miraculous: I wanted to make a video about the issue, bur for the first time in weeks it did not show up.

I swear the message appeared every time I opened a project (it showed up after the tracks were loaded). And I’m not the only one who has noticed this. See also the link to the Dorico forum. There are other Cubase users who reported the error.


It’s a shy bug. The worst kind.


I will lie in wait.

Hi started getting this on Cubase 12, on one particular project.
I think it might have started happening when I began using Spitfire BBC Symphony Orchestra template files? Might be a coincidence but video shows the message appearing when loading a BBC template.

I swear (but can’t replicate it) that I even had the printer showing as the audio device in Cubase!
I regularly get the printer message when opening projects, but not all projects, and not all the time (even the BBC templates load second time without the message).
Thought 13 might fix it, but no. Doesn’t seem to affect anything but I find it slightly worrying after what happened the first time. Cheers!


Very interesting. Thanks for your report. Could you send me this template in PM via wetransfer

What’s your Windows version? Is this up-to-date?

Thank you


Template file has been sent to Armand.
Sorry Armand, forgot to say, I’m running Win11 (22H2) and Cubase 13 Pro. Thanks

I have the same issue. I’ve solved it by selecting MS PDF in Windows printers and unticking “Allow apps to change printer preferences “ . I also get a blank page in Score page mode. This is buggy behaviour in W11.

Start a topic for that, okay?

I am seeing this too, but not only with Cubase, I’m seeing it with a wide variety of apps.

I was getting this same message box every time i opened a certain project in Cubase 13 Pro, on Windows 11 Pro. Other Windows users found a solution: please set the default printer (in windows start->settings , search default printer, and set “Let Windows manage my default printer” to OFF.
Then, under Windows Settings again; find the printers list, select Microsoft Print to PDF, and set that to Default. Done! my problem went away.


Thanks for the tip.

I am still puzzled why would such a message be prompted when opening a project so we will investigate. That seems unnecessary at this stage of the workflow.



Is the Score Editor window (or Lower Zone) open in this template? The Score Editor is the only window, which could use (ask for) the printer.

Btw, the printer message doesn’t come from Cubase, this is the system (Windows) message.

I believe it appears if there are any Score Layouts existing in the project, whether the editor is open or not.

No. There’s no parts recorded so I can’t even open the score editor, or any others.
OK, but I only see it when loading projects into Cubase

I’m having the same issue with CB 12, One Project in particular. Been happening for about a week. Let me know if you need anything.

Here too the same message has appeared when opening a project with Cubase 12 for a few days.
I will try the method suggested above (Windows default PDF printer).

Hi all, (Cubase Pro latest release)

Same problem for me when opening a particular project. I have to click Cancel every time.

This project is no different from the others in terms of parameters and I have never used the printer with Cubase.


I also get this printer pop up and a blank score editor page, And now, everytime i want to open the score editor, cubases freezes up