Want "Always On Top" for plugins!!! Worn-out.

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Preferences/VST/Plug-ins check “Plug-in editors “Always on Top””.

naive. how you do it will work on two monitors with the mixer on one of them? monitors are located one above the other. stretch across two monitors main window I will not!
other sequencers do not have this problem! cubase is such a special one!

Sorry, I have only one monitor.

you’re forgiven :slight_smile:

I don’t think this is ever going to be fixed honestly. I’ve given up waiting on this.

Theres a handful of other things I wished Steinberg would fix but they’re either not reading the issue reports section, it’s harder than we could imagine to fix, or they simply just don’t care.

Helge mentioned some time ago, that they want to change Cubase windows system. I hope the will do like Studio One or Logic.

Yeah, i would like the plugin to stay in front of the mixer in my second monitor. Please fix this.

Support told me a while back by email this won’t be fixed in the 7.x cycle and maybe it will be fixed in Cubase 8.

I think this is a huge flaw when it comes to functionality of a full screen mixer. Unfortunately I doesn’t seem to bother most multiscreen PC users (not an issue on Mac), otherwise more people would complain.

FWIW,here is a related topic with a workaround for 7.5.

Have you tried turning OFF always on top for the mixer? Plugins should stay on top of the mixer if you want.

Why would you want them to anyways? Works here on both monitors…

Even in full screen mode?

Are you saying plugin windows stay on top of the full screen mixer without a hack on your PC?

Yes they do here. Unless I’m missing something they are working as intended.

Fingers crossed for new window management in C8

Support could not help me, so I would be very interested to know how you did it. In my case the windows set to “Always on top” disappear behind the fullscreen mixer as soon as I touch the mixer (this video illustrates what I mean.)

Thats true, they dissapear. For now workaround is stretch mixer window to borders and use it in not allways on top.

I suspect that Beerbong doesn’t have his MC set to Fullscreen…as he also said earlier about switching off AOT on the mixer which is not the same thing.

EDIT…Please ignore me if you read any of that…what I was suggesting works only with MC on the same monitor as project…not possible to switch off AOT with it on the other mixer unless you stretch the project window which is what we are trying to avoid…DUH!!

It is absolutely NOT working with the mix consoles in full screen mode.

If you drag to fit the borders, and turn of AOT for the mixer, the plugins will stay on top (If set to in the prefs).

So, I as well suspect that Beerbong doesn’t have his MC set to Fullscreen.

doesn’t work with full screen mode and neither with always on top mode.

The only way to make it work is spreading the project window accross both monitors as stated. This needs to get fixed.

Make sure this is OFF!!!

Then, when you maximize it the plugins will stay in front (they will require to have the option turned on).

Works for me on both Monitors and all 3 MixConsoles

Perhaps you mean to say you want independent control per MC?


w8.1 cubase 32