Want to buy, but...

Please do not shoot me if I am asking this in the wrong forum. I want to try Cubase, but I have to order a dongle and pay for it and shipping, about 50 Euros. Well, since I have to spend that AND will spend more when I get the product, if I wish to buy it, I am thinking it might make sense to use an entry level version of Cubase and work my way up. I got confused when looking at the shop to see upgrades and got lost trying to keep track. What I am interested in is if I start small (Cubase Elements?), are their upgrade discounts for going to the full Cubase 7?

There is an upgrade path from Elements, yes. You can upgrade from Elements to Artist, from Elements to Full version, from Artist to Full version so plenty of options. They’re available in the Steinberg online store but it’s usually less expensive to buy from somewhere else (Various online music stores - just make sure you pick a reputable one). Infact, the shop where I bought my copy from sells the full version of Cubase for the same price as Steinberg charge for the “Elements to Full upgrade”.
Have a look at the tick boxes under “(1) Specify your choice”

In case the OP is from Australia… :wink: