Warp grid markers gone in Cubase 13?


Is the yellow warp grid markers gone in cubase 13? That must be a bug.

I often get sketches from clients just played freely, and to be able to work with those I use the warp grid tool to align my project to the audio file. Since i started using it in C10 or 11 there was a yellow marker on the ruler on top for each tempo change/warp. That was also giving me the opportunity to easy delete one if I make a mistake by holding down shift and hover over a marker.

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Yes, it’s a known bug:


This is going to be fixed in the 1st maintenance update.

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+1 !!

Between this, and removing the Beat Calculator tool, it’s time to revert to Cubase 12. :frowning:

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Totally agree. I was so exited when I moved from C11 to C12. That is, by far, the best cubase update ever. 12 was absolutely fantastic. Now, I actually had to move back to 12 because I cant work efficient in 13. cant find the correct buttons when I need them, and also I cant find any improvements that is worth the hassle. I bought 13 because I thought “Newer is better”.