Warp marker with elastique pitch pop/crackle noises with example

When setting warp markers using elastique pitch, I often get clicks, and pops, sounds like digital distortion. Switching to standard usually solves. Sometimes all the elastique algorithms do this, sometimes only the time algorithm.

I made a sample project with a guitar DI from another project to show how it happens. As soon as I click on anywhere in the audio to make a marker, it will add random digital distortion. It appears that the distortion is in the same spot every time.

On cubase 12 pro, m2 Mac book pro, Fireface UCXII

Edit when rendering in place the click is not audible:

Adjusting the fade makes the pop goes away. Note the pop is a few seconds after the fade:

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Iā€™m also having this problem in Cubase 13.0.21