Was "Audio Warp Quantize" fixed in later versions of CB?

I have been using Cubase 6.0.7 for many years now and always struggled with the “Audio Warp Quantize” function. It never seemed to sound quite locked-on.

I finally did some testing with it and discovered a BIG PROBLEM - what you see in the Project Window (hitpoints perfectly snapped to grid) is NOT what it’s actually doing to the audio! Depending on the algorithm selected in Media Pool you get different audio results ranging from erratic variations in timing (Standard - plucked) to a gradual time delay that increases throughout the song (Elastique - Time).

The exported files do not match the project window and the timing of the “quantized audio” is not on the grid as the Project window shows. (some screenshots of original tracks, “standard - plucked” rendered and “Elastique - Time” renders attached).

Does anyone know if this was an issue that was addressed (“fixed”) in later versions of Cubase? “Audio Warp Quantize” is basically unusable in version 6.0.7

I’ve not heard of anyone bringing this up in a while. I don’t have proper test material here but it seems to be working like it should in Cubase Pro 9.5.

You could try the trial version. If everything works like it should and you want to buy the upgrade, activating the upgrade license will automatically convert the trial version you downloaded into the full version.

So it IS a known issue? Did Steinberg ever fix it for my version (6.0.7) - or do I have a buy an upgrade to fix it?

I’m downloading the 9.5 demo right now to check. Kinda boils me to think I may have to pay to fix something that I paid for once already …

6.0.7 is the last version of Cubase 6.

I currently don’t have access to the bug database so I can’t tell you whether this was an actual Cubase bug or some sort of incompatibility, sorry. Hopefully Cubase 9.5 will work better.

Note that Cubase 9 and above have a new “Lower Zone”, and editors open there by default. You can make them open in a new window like Cubase 6 by changing your Preferences, if you prefer the old way.

I have proven through testing here that my version of Cubase had a FATAL FLAW (not rendering what you hear on playback): https://www.gearslutz.com/board/steinberg-cubase-nuendo/1208421-quot-quantized-quot-tracks-not-rendering-quantized.html

Problems like this should be fixed by Steinberg. Customers should not have to pay more for a later version hoping it works better (and likely has NEW bugs).

Note that I’m a volunteer moderator. I don’t work for Steinberg. This is from Cubase user to Cubase user.

I know this is frustrating, but please understand that no other DAW developer is providing updates for such old versions either. Your version is over 7 years old and many versions behind.

Cubase entered a transitional modernization phase starting with Cubase 7. Bugs are fixed faster, performance is far better, several features have either been completely redone or received huge improvements, and the workflow is overall much faster (once you get used to the changes of course).

Reporting issues is also faster than ever, all you have to do is send Support some reproduction steps and if they can reproduce it, it will be added to the bug database ASAP. Critical issues are usually fixed one or two free updates later (like that issue you linked to in that gearslutz thread).

When they release a paid upgrade, they always release at least one more free update for the previous version, including most (if not all) of the bugs fixed by the paid upgrade. They try to avoid making you pay for bug fixes as much as possible, but you have to understand that it’s not financially viable for a small-ish company like Steinberg (and most other DAW developers) to support old versions forever.

Did I misunderstand the Gearslutz thread or did you say there the OP’s problem was not the same as the one you are referencing (as highlighted in red, above), and indeed has not been fixed since the Cubase 6 days?

Thanks for clarifying.

He linked to this thread:

These issues are unrelated. The one above is far more recent and has been fixed already, as pointed out by other GS users.

AFAIK, Nonlinear’s issue has been fixed many years ago. It would be nice if he could test this using Cubase 9.5 so we can be sure, preferably also including a null test.

Thanks for putting in your time here.

Perhaps Steinberg could, or perhaps does, have a stated EOL (end of life) policy for old versions. It’s good they keep an “older versions” section on the forums.

The only issue I’d have here is if a version is promoted as having XYZ feature which it turns out does not actually work, or does not work as promoted.