Wave File header - possible corruption on export

Came across an odd issue in using latest version of Wavelab Pro 9.

I was trying to create a small accent wave file for use on the Singular Sound Beat Buddy Pedal but the resultant export wave file created from wave lab 9 would not load into the Beat Buddy Manager software. It reported an error saying Wave file was either unaccessible or invalid in unsupported format.

A quick look at the wave file header on the exported wave lab file seemed to have added 32bytes of odd data between the WAVE value (File Type Header) and the "fmt " chunk data. (Hex output of the 32bytes = 4A554E4B 1C000000 00000000 00000000 00000000 00000000 00000000 00000000 00000000) Hex bytes 4A554E4B translate to JUNK.

I thought on a standard RIFF Wave file the fmt chunk always immediately followed the WAVE file header bytes.

So my question is could Wavelab 9 Pro be corrupting the header on the exported file?
(Mac Pro OSX v 10.11.4 (El Capitain) Wavelab Pro 9 v 9.0.15 build 544)

I have added 2 files, hex views of the headers to assist any analysis. File A is the header of the After file created by Wavelab export from File B the original BeatBuddy wave file. The file was simply imported and exported as a whole file.

File B.jpg
File A.jpg

I noticed this recently too with an older version of Rightmark Audio Analyzer (vsn 5.5) when opening Wavelab 8 and Wavelab 9 wav files (“invalid wave format: missing FMT block”, and “junk” in the header). But I’ve never had a problem when opening Wavelab files in any other programs, and they’ve “fixed” it in Rightmark Audio Analyzer vsn 6.2.5 to open the files without problem, so I thought it was at least partially on their end. But then again there wasn’t “junk” in Wavelab 4 files. So I don’t know what’s acceptable. Running on Windows.

Just a thought: do you have another DAW on your system? If you have ProTo*ls try and import it into that.

Irrespective of the “technical” aspects, if it imports I would start to look more closely at Singular Sound Beat Buddy Pedal.

As Rat said.

Also, fwiw, I found a description of the purpose of the Junk chunk in post 6 of this thread:

Nothing corrupted, but maybe your other application is not compatible with the full RIFF standard.
In that case, deactivate these 2 options:

Cheers Phillipe

Spot on. A bit of further analysis showed it was the RF64 header format which the Singular Sounds Beat Buddy Manager software v 1.5.01 didn’t like. Switching it off in Wavelab allowed the exported file to be read.

Ill post this result to their forums to spread the word.

Thanks to all for responses.