Wavelab 10 Pro coming anytime soon?

I have been saving money for this, believe it or not. But the year ended and I still have no idea when version 10 may be coming. Can anyone tell me? Please?


regards S-EH

I wish it was not so vague to me. :joy:

But thank you nevertheless. :purple_heart:

What do you need/want to have in WL 10 that is not already available in 9.5.40? Just wondering???

For example, direct import of multi-channel files without montage. (I asked for it before buying Wavelab and PG said that next version would have it.)

The option to import movie, both multi-channel audio and video would a dream come true. (Just a dream)

Eh? Can you give a reference to PG saying that? This is a great interest of mine, and I would be surprised if I have missed such an admission in the open forum…


Thanks - how did I miss that?!

Re: Video support there’s some info here:

Are we venturing guesses? I’m guessing Musikmesse? I know NAMM is a week away though… :slight_smile:

No, you will have to wait more.

Whenever… I just posted to show that I am excited about the work you have done and really excited about the work you are doing currently - which we’ll get to see eventually.

I use Wavelab 9.5 almost every single day - it’s at the core of my mastering studio, and I am getting tons of amazing work done with the tools you have made :slight_smile: