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Is there any way Wavelab could use a soft elicenser? Our team uses the new MacBook pros and I gotta say it’s super annoying to have dongles dangling just to use WaveLab. They only last a few months before the plastic cracks and we have to replace them and transfer licenses to new ones. All of our other plugins and software can authorize to the computer directly, it would be AMAZING if wavelab could do the same.


Nathan Dantzler

It’s not possible, sorry. Why not putting the dongle at the extremity of a cable, to make it far from the MacBook?

Yes that’s what we do, just stinks that all of our other software has the ability to authorize to CPU or has a cloud based system. I wish we could at least get a more durable elicenser, similar to newer Ilok, or even better with USB C.

I had to laugh when I bought an additional eLicenser recently. One of the features on the back of the box mentioned convenience. LOL.

After legally purchasing software, conveniently remember to carry this breakable plastic thing around that authorizes no other software you own except WaveLab, and doesn’t plug in to any ports on your laptop so you’ll want to get an adaptor for it too.

I think WaveLab sales would increase significantly if the dongle wasn’t required. It’s 2019, there has to be a better way.

I’m not anti-dongle but at least iLok can hold a bunch of licenses and is fairly universal. Needing a 2nd dongle just for one program is asking a lot these days.

I now have 3. One for my main studio, one for my home setup, and one for traveling. The way my brain works, carrying just one around everywhere just isn’t going to work out.

Agree fully. While I appreciate the efficacy of the dongled eLicenser, it’s also quite impractical for the modern audio worker. In my fixed-location studio there’s no real problem, of course, but on the mobile system? No dice. Which keeps it having cut-down (and low-cost) versions that can be soft-licensed. Just sayin’: if the Pros could be soft-licensed, I’d buy a couple more :slight_smile:


Yes. I basically have Elements on my laptop just so I can check out incoming files for mastering if I’m not at my main or home studio. For those studios, the physical USB is fine. I never touch them.

But, it sure would be nice to open WaveLab Pro on the go more easily to check out files because the analyzer is better, or even to make small adjustments to existing projects because sometimes I have my sessions in Dropbox so they are accessible on all computers.

Carrying around a USB dongle and an adaptor for USB-C is just too much to ask really, plus you have the expense of another license.

Surely there is a better solution here.

I must admint that i’m also pretty scared to carry around my dongle for lectures and things. I’m always afraid of breaking or losing it.
I don’t have the problem with connecting it to my laptop though, I have a Asus zenbook which still has 2 regular USB ports, no clumpsy cables needed. :wink:

You could ofcourse also blame software companies on iLok for not using the e-Licenser… Who’s responsible for more than one dongle? Anyone starting a ‘new’ one. BTW, the e-Licenser is also not exclusive to Steinberg; Vienna Symphonic and Arturia both use the same. Likewise, you can’t blame Steinberg when some hardware sellers stop providing USB-ports.

Personally, I don’t mind the USB-dongle since I mainly use one racked PC in the studio but one advantage of them (also mentioned as a benefit by iLok, like ‘convenience’ and cross-platform) is the portability between several installed versions of the same software. And the suggested fragility is only an issue if you don’t protect the dongle.

I wasn’t exactly blaming Steinberg. I’m sure a long time ago there was a good reason to use e-Licenser. But, of the many plugins I own, NONE of them even have the option to use e-Licenser, so Steinberg clearly picked the more obscure option in the end. Kind of like when it was a battle of VHS or beta video. VHS won for better or worse.

Anyway, in 2019, especially as computers are losing standard USB ports, it’s time to find a better solution. I think the solution HOFA found is great. A special app for installing and updating apps, and you can authorize 3 computers with a license. It’s very fair and simple.

I find myself having to use Team Viewer from my laptop to log on to one of my two studio locations just to make small and simple changes in WaveLab Pro because carrying around a USB for the laptop (and now and adaptor) is not always feasible.

It’s nice when you can just open a piece of software.

You’re right that especially laptops are starting to lose connectivity more and more, forcing users to use more and more external gear. I’m not familiar with the HOFA setup, but maybe there should be something like that coming for the future…

Basically, HOFA has an app that manages all their software and plugins. You install it, log in to your account and it know what products you own.

From there, it will let you install the apps you own, or demo the ones you don’t. For the ones you own, you can authorize 3 different computers. it’s pretty simple and fair.

I think WaveLab Pro sales would go up if a dongle wasn’t needed. Older users are used to new, new users see that you need a dongle just to demo WaveLab Pro and say “no thanks”. It’s the way it works these days.

I’m amused to see people complaining about USB dongles and having to use an adaptor with them. When we had parallel-port dongles and printer ports started going away, adaptors weren’t a possibility…

I’m sure a USB-C e-licenser will appear in due course, though it will need to be a lot smaller to avoid overburdening the much less robust port.

Is there any news regarding a switch to a different authorization process. A cloud could be a solution. Carrying around my dongle is a no go for me. I’m going abroad for a few month and I would really prefer not to carry it. I have a Ilok at the studio, where I won’t be for a few month. I can authorize the laptop too or use cloud authorization. There is no way I’m gonna get a USB adapter or hub for the dongle. This is totally not practical as I’m gonna be doing field stuff and move the laptop around. It would be really great if you would look into this.

I am studio based so the dongle thing is not a real problem BUT I now have 6 dongles for various programs, including WL which seems a bit bizarre in 2021. FWIW

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