Wavelab 12 Grace Period update

I have updated my wavelab 10 to 11.2 today.
But my license still says 11.2 not 12.
What’s the problem??
Also I can not find voucher code. How should I do??

I have the same problem.

Same here.

Same here.

Thanks for updating, and sorry for the problem.
This is currently being investigated. We will let you know as soon as we know more.

It can be very simple. You can see when one has activated his licence. Than give the grace period.

Thanks, I’ll forward that suggestion.

Dear Support

I just update my wavelab to version 11.2,but where is the Grace Period Update for version 12???,any help?

Had the same “problem” - it’s not automatic anymore as with the dongle. You get a voucher in your account (at least I got one). So look there, if your problem got solved already.

best, yppse

There was a technical issue that prevented the voucher Download Access Code to be delivered in some cases. But this should be addressed now. Please have a look at the voucher section in your accounts to find the DAC.



I upgraded from Wavelab Elements to Pro and still no voucher is in my section.
…after a while…got reply…

That has now been solved.

I’d like to thank Steinberg support - Many thanks…

Looking forward to learning the software.



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This worked for me. The link is leading to MySteinberg and the page wtih:
& Security

I didn’t have a Voucher link but now I had one which expired after applying it so now my WaveLab 12 works.


I have same problem , updated with voucher to 11.2 and nothing further , no 12?
I contact the support 22 days ago but no reply…

When did you first activate WaveLab 11? If you migrated your WaveLab 11 licence from eLicenser to Steinberg Licensing, I would expect that you first activated WaveLab 11 was way before the start of the grace period in December 2023. I am fairly sure that the date you activated your eLicenser to Steinberg Licensing voucher does not entitle you to a grace period update.

I had wavelab 8.5 that i activated on 25 .1. .2024.
On my elisencer i got wavelab 11 and when i migrated to Steinberg licensing i get only voucher with 11.2.

Kind regards

In that case, it sounds like you should be entitled to a grace period update to WaveLab 12.

In eLicenser Control Center, register all your eLicensers, even if you have done so already, and then run the Maintenance procedure. That might trigger the WaveLab 12 voucher to deposit. The voucher might appear after a few hours if it doesn’t appear immediately. If that doesn’t help, you will need help from Steinberg Support.

Check this.

Thanks guys
I already done all of that but nothing helped to trigger the voucher. As i say i already contact the support 22 days ago, no response at all!

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