WaveLab 9.0.25 maintenance update available

Dear Forum members,

We are pleased to announce the availability of the 9.0.25 maintenance update for WaveLab Pro 9 and WaveLab Elements 9. This update resolves an issue in the Japanese characters font, as well as over 20 other issues in different areas of the application.

The update is now available for download from the Steinberg website.

For detailed information, please read the corresponding version history on the download page.

Download WaveLab Pro 9.0.25
Download WaveLab Elements 9.0.25

All the best

hi there…
i have a problem whit the focusrite dsp liquidmix plug ins, im on el capitan whit wavelab 9 in 32 bit mode doesn’t read the plug ins
the plug ins works super nice cubase 8.5 works fine in 32 bit…
wavelab 9 64 bit version whit jbridgem only recognise the stereo focusrite liquidmix plugin and and sounds good controls good all good, but after a peroid of time doesn’t sound anymore but i see how the liquidmix plugin continues working, if bypass the liquid mix the sound comes again, if quit the plugin of the chain and then open the same plugin sounds normal but after time doesn’t sound again
please help …

What’s the ETA on 9.0.30 ?

I would like to know too


regards S-EH

How can I find out if the plugins are compatible with high bit depth and sample rates and don’t ruin the track?

Thanks for the 9.0.30 upgrade! :slight_smile: Just installed it. Wow. I was stuck on 9.0.15. How do one turn on auto-update? Epic amount of fixes. Love the Black theme.