When is the 9.0.30 update coming out?

I think PG mentioned the fall but when exactly and what is going to be included or changed?

Thanks in advance for any info.

ya, when will it finally be? :unamused: :open_mouth:

About 1 month.

Any update on the release? Thanks in advance.

Can you tell us what will be changed or updated?

Bug fixes and small features. But the list is only published when the version becomes available, as always.

Note: in a forum thread, when I add a comment such as “will be fixed in version xxx” to a bug report, that in fact means the bug is already corrected at that time. But when I say nothing, that does not mean the problem will not be considered and fixed.


Thanks for clarifying.

Please can the magnetic mouse effect that won’t let go of faders and knobs and has plagued Wavelab for so long be fixed. It’s crazy that I tried out reaper today and it worked flawlessly no crazy graphics laq. Such a relief to turn the knob on a plugin and it just moves and releases. They must be doing something right! I was suckered into the Wavelab 9 upgrade only for this to carry on!

Is there a forum thread referring to this problem? I would think if it was a known issue it would be fixed by now. Is it worse on any particular plugin?

It’s been discussed in a few places over last year or so. For me, the problem went away sometime around 9.0.20 or maybe 9.0.15. I was seeing it with Eiosis AirEQ and Ozone modules mostly.

If people are still seeing the problem with certain plugins, maybe a dedicated thread should be created that lists the plugins and if the developers have been contacted.


Not long to go now, eh Phillippe?

This was a month ago roughly to the day

I wrote so last month. No change on my original comment…

Please post the download link then! :wink:

I can hear the famous piano and bass opening to that Queen and Bowie classic duet from circa 1981/2…

Just once it would be nice if Steinberg posted an update when they say they would or maybe BEFORE.

I am not upset it is just that I don’t ever remember them being on time for an update or release of a new version.


Remembering my old science classes in schoool where precision was implied to be plus/minus one half of the unit of specification, 1 month can be interpreted as a time between 0-5 and 1.5 months. Now if it were 4 weeks or 30 days specified, then you could be on safer ground for complaint … . And as for BEFORE … this implies the existence of negative time, which conflicts with Einstein’s General Theory of Irrelevance. :astonished:))

Impatience is a virtue :wink:

So is doing things in a timely professional manner…

Being professional also includes releasing when properly ready, not simply by the calendar.


If you are well organised you will deliver on time