WaveLab 9.5.30 Update available

Bug fixes + enhancements for the Phasescope and Bit Meter.

And here is the link:


When I try to install the update, I get an error code, during the update of the DDP player. Any suggestions?

Same here: Error code 1636


Same problem here. Error Code: 1636
DDP Player 1.0.30 Update installation failed.


please try again by downloading again the update patcher.


Same error after downloading again.

Indeed there is a problem. We will find a solution as soon as possible.
The current work arround is to uninstall the 9.5.20 or the 9.5.25 version first. Then you install the Wavelab 9.5.15 from the full installer and then use the update 9.5.30 update patcher.
You can download the 9.5.15 Full Installer by the Steinberg Download Assistant under https://www.steinberg.net/de/support/content_und_zubehoer/steinberg_download_assistant.html
sorry for the circumstances.

I’m not in a hurry. Will there be an updater, which works for all versions in the next time?

yes for sure.

Another work arround for patching only to the Wavelab 9.5.30 from the previous versions Wavelab 9.5.25 and 9.5.20 is if you disable in the update patcher dialog the option “no changes” for the DDP Player Update.
The normal update procedure works if the DDP player 1.0.15 version is installed.

No woraround needed. Wavelab has already been updated. Only the Update of the DDP player gives me that error message and refuses to update.

Same here. Only the DDP part of the update gives the error.

No problems with the update here.

Happens here,too

my workaround is a tad faster: REINSTALL DDP_Player_Installer_win from “*:\WaveLab Pro 9.5\WaveLab Pro 9.5 for Windows\Additional Content\DDP Player\Win\DDP_Player_Installer_win.exe”
and then Install Wavelab 9.5.30 (just the DDP part if you’ve already installed Wavelab update okay)

Three working days later, a new message about WaveLab 9.5.30 Update available.

Still same problem: DDP Player 1.0.30 Update installation failed. Error Code: 1636.
Could not open this update package. Contact the manufacturer of the software to verify that this is a valid Windows Installer update package.


Same here. DDP Player 1.0.30 Update Installation failed. Error Code : 1636
Could not open this update package. Contact the manufacturer of the software to verify that this is a valid Windows Installer update package.

we are currently working on a new update patcher which solves the problem.
Beeing said, there is a workaround to uninstall the DDP Player version 1.0.20 manually and then use the Wavelab Full Installer 9.5.15 to install the DDP Player to the 1.0.15 version and then run the Wavelab 9.5.30 Update patcher to update to DDP Player version 1.0.30.