Wavelab 9 crashes when browse folder

The problem that was reported at the top of this thread, and which is acknowledged, concerns the operating system file browser when used in WaveLab 9 / 9.1 64 bit, and not the internal file browser.
And there is no such problem with WaveLab 10 to our knowledge, and there are many thousands of users out there.
Please stop repeating the false information again and again (I don’t say you don’t have a problem with your particular system, but in no way this is a general problem).

im sorry you dont like my coments PG1 ! IM NOT ! the only person with this issue as there are other posts of diferent people having this exact same problem i have filed supports claims with no enswers. and up to this date no solutions ! i have a software that i cant use ! as many others have ! you dont like it ? help us fix it!

With WaveLab 9.0/9.1, but I don’t remember having seen other cases with WaveLab 10.0.60.

i would love to hear a enswer with a way to Fix the issue! not with another question please ! how do we fix this ?please have Support Enswer . or call me as i have left them my number to call me . i like having to post this stuff here as much as you like me been here! but it has come to this becouse steinberg is ofering no help. ITS THAT SIMPLE. HELP.

I can’t know what is going on your machine, but simply use another file browser to open the files in WaveLab. That’s this simple: just drag and drop files from File Explorer or another file browser, and you can then proceed in WaveLab.

Hi PG.

I have a couple of questions about that news article, because it just says “Wavelab 9” which is a little vague. Only the “learn more” article mentions 9.0 and 9.1 specifically for the Windows 10 20H2 incompatibility.

So my questions are:

  1. How long will the 50% incompatibility discount be in effect?

  2. Is Wavelab 9.5 included in eligibility for the 50% incompatibility discount, even though 9.5 is apparently not affected by the incompatibility at all?

A poster on the German forum, and Mr. Soundman here have both attempted to Update from 9.5 using the offer and have been at least partially, but not completely successful in getting it to work.

Is that because Wavelab 9.5 is not really included in the incompatibility update discount?. Because Wavelab 9.5 apparently still works fine in Windows 10 20H2 (and latest Win 10 2004 by my testing).





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Drag and drop does not work at all!

Also it might be stated that it’s only the 64 bit versions of 9.0 and 9.1 that are affected by the incompatibility?

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If Wavelab 9.5 is working, then 9.1 users should be entitled to a free upgrade to 9.5 rather than a “discounted” upgrade to v10. That’s not a discount, that’s a ransom.


That’s not a discount, that’s a ransom.

Note that WaveLab 9.1 is a free update from WaveLab 9.0 which was 32 bit only.
And WaveLab 9.1 32 bit does not have the problem.

Also, it is reasonable to understand that it not possible to provide updates for an application during the lifetime of Windows 10,… which is means to never end.

Of course it isn’t, but Steinberg does still officially support version 9 and is obligated to maintain it until they officially drop support - something they would announce well ahead of time. If Steinberg can just suddenly revoke support like this, then they didn’t truly support it to begin with.

If they really can’t fix this, or it’s going to cost too much to do so, then the remedy here is to upgrade 9.1 users to the next working version, 9.5, for no cost. If v9 users want to then upgrade to v10 from v9.5, they can pay the optional upgrade fee. If support is suddenly dropped, then I have no confidence that any of my Steinberg products are truly being supported.


But that’s just the Steinberg I know. Didn’t expect any better from them.
BTW I am affected as well, and as I have zero interest in any of the version 10 features I expect a free update to 9.5 instead of a cheaper update to 10.

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then use WaveLab 9.1 32 bit, that should work.

Is this an official Steinberg-endorsed workaround? I mean if this works, then I’m satisfied. But before I start the unistall/reinstall/rescan/test cycle, what will I lose by switching from WL9 64bit to WL9 32bit?
Will my 64-bit plugins still work in Wavelab?
Will I still be able to send and receive from Cubase 10.5 64 bit using the “Edit in Wavelab” function?
Will integration with Izotope RX (64 bit) be the same?
If any of these are “no” or even “yes, but…”, then this is not an acceptable solution.

Obviously not, but then use the 32 bit version of the plugin.

integration with Izotope RX (64 bit) be the same?

There is no such thing in WaveLab 9. This is in WaveLab 10 (“External Editor” support)

Will I still be able to send and receive from Cubase 10.5 64 bit using the “Edit in Wavelab” function?

Don’t know, as I don’t remember when this was implemented in WaveLab. Just try.

and PLEASE answer now:
what´s going on with Elements 9.5.50?
is it “safe” to use, or are there the same problems with the Win-Update going to blue-screen?

I´m not really interested in investing “just” 15€ (how long does this offer stands?) into something I didn´t need, but on the other hand I´m a bit scared if in the near future 9.5.50 still works or Microsoft is able to disable your coders abilities…

thanks for hopefully answering @PG1

Nothing special that I know.

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the answer sounds good
I´m at da momemnt not at home, so I cant check it by myself
simply asked caused by postings on different (german and english) forums that Wavelab 9 doesn´t work anymore due to Win10-Patch. I thought all versions are affected, if 9.5-Elements isnt, then everything is fine - sorry for disturbance
@Steinbergsupport-team: next time please make your infos like this one more detailed to versions
[( WaveLab 9 under Windows 10 | Steinberg)]

Oh, obviously not - yeah that’s why I was asking, PG1. Because it’s such a ludicrous suggestion to go find, download, and run 32-bit installers for somebody’s entire plugin collection for the sole purpose of running the version of Wavelab that I paid for (and that Steinberg pretends that they still support) that I thought perhaps you were privy to some not so obvious computer tip that would make this far less of a ridiculous suggestion. Yes, obviously Wavelab 32 bit isn’t going to run any of my 64-bit plugins. What an embarrassing excuse for a workaround.

There’s RXConnect, but that’s a plugin, so see above.

Why would I go through the trouble of trying? Let’s say I just try and it doesn’t work. Then what? Do I still have to pay the $75 ransom to continue using Wavelab on my system when I already paid full price for a version that Steinberg claims is still supported but in fact suddenly stopped supporting with no warning? I expect I would.

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save your money! wait till they fix this ! this is very unproductive for us that are just trying to make music! i remember when wavelab was solid and only made for windows now is only good on mac! isnt that amazing!.

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