Wavelab as Cubase Editor

I read somewhere that Wavelab 7 can be set to be the default wave editor in Cubase. Anyone know if this is planned.

The way I understood it, is that Wavelab 7 can be started from Cubase 6, to be used for further work on the Cubase mix. Not quite the kind of integration both used to have in the Cubase VST days, where WL could be used as editor within Cubase: Track edit > WL opened > edit track > close WL > further in Cubase… Now that was really useful - this only saves a couple of clicks. Pls correct me if I’m wrong…

Luck, Arjan

Cubase 6 | Cubase Artist 6
Export Audio Mixdown > Post Process > Open in WaveLab: You may notice an additional “Post Process” area in the Export Audio Mixdown window of Cubase 6. By selecting “Open in WaveLab” any finished audio export automatically starts WaveLab and imports the exported audio files from Cubase 6. This feature is available as soon as WaveLab 7.0.1 or higher has been installed on the system.



That’s how I read it too. Unfortunately it’s not the integration like in the olden days.

No and also useless if you have both on the same asio driver, because cubase doesn’t release the driver if both are on ASIO

In Cubase, in Device Setup / VST Audio System you can select “Release Driver when Application is in Background” and it will work. There’s also no compelling reason to use the ASIO driver in WaveLab unless you’re integrating external equipment – use the standard Windows driver instead and it will work.

I’ve got external gear (API 2500, Distressors, SPL 9530 & SSL Alpha’s) in my mastering chain. I NEED ASIO

So, do as mr. Soundman says: select “Release Driver when Application is in Background”. BTW, this ‘problem’ would occur anyway, whether you manually start up WL, or do it from Cubase.

Luck, Arjan

Yes release asio driver works, but closing wavelab, does not “give the driver back” to Cubase, cubase hangs.

Works perfectly here with both MOTU and RME ASIO drivers … what hardware are you using?


Oh yeah … I remember! :blush: You might want to start a topic over in the MR816 section to see if others have had the problem; there seem to be a few things yet to be perfected on that device.