Wavelab bug with sonicore 64 bit scope

kindly want to fix the bug in 64 bits and soniccore wavelab 7 ?

I agree it’s very frustrating, I have purchased wavelab element and it’s my first version and I can’t use it !!! :frowning: :cry:

Did you try to contact Creamware?

yes they said that their asio drivers work fine with all the others programs (cubase etc …)

And what do they answer when you say that WaveLab works fine will all other audio drivers? :wink:

Ok it seems like a tennis match … :mrgreen:

their exact answer is :

the problem is that Wavelab 7 is not done from Steinberg and they handle ASIO
in a different way than Cubase. It´s true that Scope making a problem, but we are not the only company,
also why is there a need for Wavelab 7 to catching up all ASIO drivers on startup?
No other software is doing it like Wavelab 7.
This is the only thing that has to be changed as Scope drivers are running normal with
all other programs.

Steinberg already knows about this problem.

But that can be very long if nobody try to change this situation. :unamused:

I’ll send again a message to sonic core to see if they have found another something.

I don’t know if this is the 7.1.1 but now I can use sonic core with wavelab but it seems like it’s with the waves drivers.
But it works fine and i can use VST without issue …
cool !

So, it doesn’t work in recording … I tried all the resolution (24/44, 24/48, 32/44, 32/48 etc …) I have allways the same message :

Ok the pb is that no ASIO scope drivers are recognized … I leave wavelab until a new release will appear … :cry:

Hi, New for bug wavelab ?

We requested some advise from the manufacturer, but this does not help. There is no known solution to this conflict :frowning:

I do not understand, but this is not serious

Very disappointed with this response, there is clearly no interest in finding a solution. I have to say it is a big problem for me that W7 does not work with SC ASIO 64bit especially as it used to work perfectly on XP 32bit. Given that everything else (Nuendo/Cubase) works great on my system then I’m sorry to say it is now time to give up on Wavelab.

For me it’s the end of wavelab … I prefer to sell my wavelab … very disappointing because the things I have seen in this software are very good and professional but I can’t keep a soft which I can’t use …

I am going to make an ultimate try, the last same time in ‘rendu’ (french version) I had of distortion on the file, I have to see if that comes from scope waves drivers or from my use of wavelab. It is true that it’s hellish not to be able to record. If that does not work (I am going to compare with cubase and the same parameters for the file) then I shall resell it otherwise I keeps it ! :unamused: