Wavelab Cast

Hello , i know that wavelab pro license can open wavelab LE and artist , why I cannot open wavelab cast ??

Good question! I think WL Cast has its own set of features, unlike LE (or Elements), which are only a subset of Pro. Therefore, I think, Cast has to be purchased separately (€ 69.99). At least, there is a relatively cheap upgrade from LE to Cast (€ 19.99). Afaik this does not apply to WL Elements and Pro, though!

i dont have LE version i have Pro version since wavelab version 1 , so they prevent me from having an upgrade also i cannot upgrade from my current because in fact it is a downgrade

WaveLab Cast is a new WaveLab product that contains functionality that is not in WaveLab Pro 10.
Also, as can be seen on the price tag, WaveLab Cast is the cheapest product of the line-up.
“Upgrading” from Pro therefore would mean giving away the majority of WaveLab’s Pro features.

We’re currently give a 20% off, making this new product as cheap as €/$60 or less.

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let me laugh , there nothing in the wavelab cast cannot be done in wavelab pro . and if so that’s mean I ll no longer buy it again and focus on what is better for me . and instead of buying a 600 USD software i ll take your advice and buy the wavelab cast with the 60 USD , thanks .

You can do whatever you want, but your statement is simply not true.
If this would be the case, as you put it, everyone would have also chosen Elements instead of Pro in the past. WaveLab Pro comes with clearly more features than Elements, Elements with more than Cast.
Cast has a couple of functions introduced for podcast creation, that will be integrated in the next
generation of the other WaveLab versions as well.


That is the right answer , i ill be waiting for the pro upgrade .

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False. There are features in WaveLab Cast like Podcast hoster support, Replace Audio in video, track multi ducking, some special plugins too, which are not part of WaveLab Pro 10.

I got Cast because I needed a relatively simple editor that would still host my Waves plugins. Even Elements had too much stuff in it that I didn’t need.

Dear i can replace video in the video software direct , please state the special plugins .In case i buy this edition and then u decided to integrate them in the Pro version , what should i do ??i have the higher version of wavelab which must have all the feature , otherwise it ll be no longer Pro version since it cannot accomplish the Cast tasks.

As a WL Pro user, I can only say: Nice to hear that, hopefully it will come soon. :grinning:

Not too soon, unfortunately.

There is a comparison table for all versions?

I looked. I didn’t find a comparison table that included Cast.

Looking forward to “a few functions introduced for podcast creation, that will be integrated in the next generation of the other WaveLab versions as well.”

  1. Is one of them export the edited file to MP4 or other video format? (This seems the most compelling useful feature for me.)

  2. While it is understandable that Steinberg will add the new features to WL Pro after the new version gets adopted, it would be a generous option (and seem a bit less disappointing to loyal WL Pro customers) to offer it as an “side-grade” for a similar price to what an upgrade from LE would be.



I originally had WaveLab LE which I upgraded to WaveLab Elements 10.0. As there are features in WaveLab Cast that I wish to use, is there any restriction on having both WaveLab Elements and WaveLab Cast on the same Mac computer?

I just want to check my assumption is correct that there will be no issues/interactions before I buy WaveLab Cast.

Many thanks.

No problem. They will behave independently (independent settings)

You can run both on the same computer, they have independent licenses and installations

this is exactly what I’m talking about , Steinberg has cut WL pro users either from using their license as the Higher segment in WL so as usual it operate all the versions in the segment , also they cut us from having a discount higher in the new purchase as we are also bought the higher license .

I guess it wasn’t very smart to name the program WaveLab Cast. This suggests that it is part of a line with Pro and Elements, which is apparently not the case. The license of Pro is not valid and there is no discount either. It would have been more clever to simply call the program Steinberg Cast, that would have prevented the current confusion.