Wavelab crashes when importing anything using the file browser

Unable to insert files from the browser . wave files or images anything!wich means i cant import images in to my mp3 files data ! or replace a file using the inserte replace tab on the montage it crashes everytime you open the browser! help!!

What operating system? Do you have a crash dump?

can you tell me how i can get a crash dump please i have never done this!

looks like im not the only one with this issue!!

See if you can find a crashdump in the location:

Your Local Disk: \ Users \ UserName \ AppData \ Local \ CrashDumps \

Crash dump file should be named simliar to “Wavelab …exe.dmp”

Regarding Operation System, from the other thread:

Hope you´ll be able to sort it out soon.

Best Wishes

If it’s the same defect as the one in the above linked thread, it doesn’t create a crash dump. Wavelab just up and vanishes.

Quickest reproduction steps:

  1. Open Wavelab 9.x.
  2. Go to “Preferences > Global”. Check the box labelled “Use the System File Selector to Open Files”.
  3. Go to “File > Open”, or, press “Ctrl+O”
    Wavelab immediately quits.

It doesn’t happen with Wavelab 9.5. It only happens with Wavelab 9.0 and Wavelab 9.1.

wich app can i use to open the dump file ? sorry never done this!

No crash dump at all.Wavelab just vanished.

Wavelab 9 crashes when browse folder

But maljud is right - there are Wavelab crash dumps being created at \ Users \ UserName \ AppData \ Local \ CrashDumps \ when the problem happens.

There just aren’t any crash dumps from the Wavelab built in Diagnostics crash reporting, or any error reporting to Microsoft.

Using Wavelab 9.0-64 or 9.1-64 on Windows 10 2004 latest or 20H2 latest, Steinberg should be able to reproduce the issue, as it happens on every file open or browse from Windows explorer. Or you can send one of the crash dumps.

It seems Windows 10 20H2 has introduced an incompatibility with the old WaveLab version…

im using wavelabpro10 latest version same issue here !!!

It seems that WaveLab 9.0 and 9.1 version don’t have the problem if you use the 32 bit WaveLab version. You can give it a try.

This is not a solution.
I need 64 bit.

Then update to WaveLab 9.5 or 10, or revert to an earlier Windows version.
WaveLab 9.1 was obviously never tested for Windows 20H2.
And the crash happens inside Windows code (why, this is a mystery).

Really ! thats the fix! windows is not going to recode windows just so it can work with wavelab . i have wavelab 9.0, 9.5 and 10 and have the same issue ! sorry to be a pain but at least tell us you guys are working on a solution .

I was speaking about WaveLab 9.1.
There is no known issue that we can reproduce with WaveLab 9.5 and 10 and the system file browser. If you have a problem, please send a crash log to Steinberg support.

thank you for your Response wich app can i use to open the dump file ? sorry never done this!
i did find the dup file just dont know if i should open it with word if that will help you ? where do i up load it to?do i just copy and paste here? never had to do this . thanks

Bah, yes; I stand corrected! I was trying to shorthand “9.0 or 9.1” while completely forgetting about 9.5.

I don’t think steinberg lets you update to 9.5 anymore, unless they’ve hidden it extremely well in the store. I only see the $150 upgrade to v10, which is a bit steep for an absolutely essential bug fix. And that’s beside the point - Steinberg still officially supports Wavelab 9 and they support Windows 10, so they should at the very least chime in about this issue. Or just announce that they’re dropping support for WL9.

update!!Wow !! Interesting!! the new wavelab update fixed my issues importing images for 1 import i was able to look for files on the browser ''then when i tried it again it crashed again ! and im back to the same issue!