WaveLab elements 8 no start

WaveLab elements 8 will not start on my computer with windows 7 64bit. The program installs perfectly but at startup gets stuck with the typical icon windows startup and after a mouse click on the GUI screen remains white, If I close the application by clicking on the icon of windows appears message (see down). I downloaded the latest version of wavelab elements from the internet but the problem persists. Thank you for your attention.

(Italian Language)

Firma problema:
Nome evento problema: AppHangB1
Nome applicazione: WaveLabElements8_64.exe
Versione applicazione:
Timestamp applicazione: 51332ef2
Firma di blocco: 0acf
Tipo interruzione: 0
Versione SO: 6.1.7601.
ID impostazioni locali: 1040
Firma blocco aggiuntiva 1: 0acf901e3e40f606239c27a2b026cc70
Firma blocco aggiuntiva 2: 09f8
Firma blocco aggiuntiva 3: 09f82ff6a6d8d6763d1afbf7e99ba521
Firma blocco aggiuntiva 4: 0acf
Firma blocco aggiuntiva 5: 0acf901e3e40f606239c27a2b026cc70
Firma blocco aggiuntiva 6: 09f8
Firma blocco aggiuntiva 7: 09f82ff6a6d8d6763d1afbf7e99ba521

Please use the 8.0 3 version.

I installed version 8.0.3 but the problem is not changed.

the software has been activated and registered at Steinberg eLicenser but that’s not the problem I have at the start of WaveLab. I have tried installing it on a laptop and it’s all OK. There is a problem in my PC? I also installed Cubase 7 and everything is OK, it’s perfect.

What audio card do you have?

I have UR824 by Steinberg with the latest driver. I have installed Cubase 7 and all Ok. The configuration of my computer is in the attached file.

You have a SonicCore, that’s the problem.
Solution here:

fantastic, you were right. I uninstalled the drivers of Sonic Core and WaveLab and WaveLab works perfectly. Thank you very much. Forum really efficient.