Wavelab Elements no longer has a licence - but Wavelab Pro runs?

Hi there,

Upon doing all the upgrades for Wavelab Elements + eLicenser my Wavelab Elements no longer sees a licence, despite it clearly being there. It even says that my “trail has ended”, I’ve never had a trail I’ve owned Wavelab Elements and its predecessor for about 15 years.

Ironically my elapsed demo of Wavelab Pro runs fine…

Can’t fault me for honesty, I basically just got a free upgrade - but I’m concerned it means something else is seriously wrong!


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What version of WL Elements?
If it’s the latest one 11.2 the read and follow tip here…

regards S-EH

Thanks, this worked.

Some feedback - it would be good to point to this instead of just a purchase link when loading for the first time. - perhaps with a link to the video which was actually very useful.

I know we should all read carefully as we upgrade, but in the real world we often have to click thru stuff in the midst of complicated work and these prompts are useful to remind us !