WaveLab Essential 6 not printing to cd

WaveLab seems to operating correctly, yet it will not print to CDs. I wonder if it is the printer, I did replace the printer as a solution, but same result. Is there a special code/codec that can be downloaded for the printer so it will interface with WaveLab? It was working and nothing has change on my system, then it quit. I am at a loss and could use some help.

Thanks, John

Still running XP and Cubase 5.5 due to end of yamaha driver upgrades for O1x mixer/soundcard

No responses…hum, just tells me how irrelevant wavelab essentials and burning cd’s is today. The answer is to master in Cubase and export to mp3, over and done.

Do either of your burners appear in the Tools menu / CD/DVD Information? And the Device display in your burn dialog?

fwiw you can try this:

(I found that link by searching, but just noticed it’s in the “Announcements” section at the top of this “Older Wavelab Versions” sub-forum).