Wavelab keeps crashing

Wavelab keeps crashing, i simply cannot use it.
Here is the latest crash report: Wavelab crash report - Google Docs

MacOs Monterey
Version 12.6.2
M1 2020
Wavelab Pro 11

Any help welcome!

I wonder if there is a plugin stuck in the Master Section that is automatically loading when you launch WaveLab that causes it to crash right away.

There may be a precise file in the Preferences Folder that you can delete to clear that up. PG can probably tell you that file but if you’re in a hurry, you can try to delete your entire Preferences folder found here:

/Users/username/Library/Preferences/WaveLab Pro 11

That will delete all your presets and settings though so you may want to back it up first, or just just deleting the General.dat file first for a less invasive fix.

Does is crash right when you launch it? Or when you do a specific thing? Playback Audio Queue is mentioned in the crash report so maybe it’s something to do with your Audio Connections configuration or interface.

Do you have an alternate audio device to try? Even testing with the built-in output of your Mac could help reveal something.

The crash report needs to be in its original file format with a .crash extension, or else the formatting breaks the crash analyzer.

Can you remind me where are located the crash files on MAC?
I have found the .diag file in /Users/username/Library/Logs/DiagnosticReports
But no .crash files

Finder > Go > Application > Utilities > Console.app
Then see “Crash Logs” on the left.

right, so it’s a .ips
Here it is
WaveLab Pro 11-2023-01-17-222159.ips (67.2 KB)

Here is a video, it crashes as soon as I playback the 2 stereo audio track.

Master section is actually empty here.

Yes. Playback Audio Queue was mentioned in the crash report. Do you have an alternate audio device you can use to test? Even just the built-in output of the Mac?

Also, that is kind of a lot of plugins. Do you get the issue with no plugins? Maybe the buffer isn’t set high enough to keep up. Especially with External FX in the loop. I’m not saying it’s that, but that is where I would start.

Thxs Justin & PG, reallyt appreciate your help here.
Buffer size: I have to say i never changed it in Wavelab as I don’t do any recording there, and by default it appears that it was at 256, so just put 2048 to see if that helps.
I tried with the audio-built in and it doesn’t seem to crash (but for some reason the plauback cursor doesn’t move (video here)

My guess is that your routing is too complex for WaveLab to be able to play using the built-in output. Also, closing and reopening WaveLab after changing the audio device could help.

Does it help if you increase the buffer to 2048 but keep your original audio device?

Try to remove the External FX as a start. This plugin leads to much complexity internally when used inside the montage together with plugins.

I tried closing Wavelab and reopening and the audi built-in still struggle, in the sense where the playback bar doesn’t move, but the sounds is OK. My rounting is basic, here, not sure where the complixity lies, lots of third party plugins yes, sure there are.

Putting UAD x8 back as audio interface, with 2048 buffer size, it still crashes.
Removing the external plugin, it doesn’t seem to crash, see video here.
But i’m not sure why using external effect would cause issues…even if it’s int he scenario where using external effects AND third party plugins, it should just work right?
I don’t necessarily want to have to insert External FX, Render, reopen wavelab to the use third party plugin. 1/ too much of a hassle of a workflow 2/ what if i want to use the external FX before or after a specific plugin

I’ve found that the UAD Apollo Mixer adds a layer of complexity that doesn’t need to be there, especially for mastering.

I’ve never cared for the External FX plugin but I’ve found that playing the audio from a Reference Track and recording back to a new track works well, and allows you to put some plugins on the Clip before going analog, and then some plugins after coming back to digital.

Ok, so i just tried the new routing, from reference track out to input to a new stereo track.
So no external effect plugin anymore.
Following your video on the subject Justin (great videos by the way!).
Everything was fine, until I rendered…and then it crashed.
see the .ips file here
WaveLab Pro 11-2023-01-20-193158.ips (107.5 KB)
Of course I didn’t save my 45mn of tweaking…
Any idea?

and reopening, i have this message
Screenshot 2023-01-20 at 19.35.46
But I already start Wavelab with Rosetta…

it’s… really annoying.
I just tried again, in this video, i have already printed my external gear and just try to render.
Rendering the whole montage crashes (which doesn’t make sense here indeed, i was just trying), i just tried just the active track and it craches as well.

OK so I just tried removing plugins on by one (knowing that there are less that in the beginning, as i recorded some along with the external outboard gear).

It does render without Sonnox inflater and the Weiss Maximizer.
When one of these two is still there, it crashes.

Let me know once you had a chance to look at the crash log.

@Justin_Perkins @PG1
Let me know if you find anything in the crash log that could help.

The crash happens inside a plugin named KClip3.

I also note from the log, that the number of internal threads is abnormally high. This seems to be caused by a plugin called MetricAB. This is in itself not a bug, but very suspicious about the design of the plugin.

I’ve been curious to try KClip 3 but previous versions of this plugin have also struggled in WaveLab so I’m not surprised to see a crash here.

Hopefully the Kazrog developer can look into it and fix the issue.