WaveLab, Plugins and HiDPI on Windows

Cubase 11 finally fixed HiDPI behaviour on plugins, with some great options to ensure that the plugins behave well across multiple, different DPI (and HiDPI setting) monitors.

Please can this be implemented in WaveLabs soon as currently, with the settings (125% on one UWHD monitor and 100% on the HD touch monitor) plugin UIs break in WaveLabs when moving them onto the UWHD monitor, while the same plugins work and behave perfectly in Cubase 11.

10.0.50 already fixes this, even if the upcoming 10.0.60 makes it a bit better.

Ok, many of the issues that I had seen so seem to be largely fixed (or better) in 10.0.50 — my bad as I had last tested this on 10.0.30! but there is still a problem with a number of plugins that are flickering when they are on the UWHD monitor set to 125% - almost like WaveLabs is trying to resize them and they are doing something to reset it back. I’ll drop back to non HiDPI mode and 100% for now and test again with 10.0.60 and do specific reports on any plugins that I see any errors with at that point. I do like the option Cubase has for switching individual plugins behaviour around scaling, as that works really well for them - maybe something that could be incorporate in WaveLabs’s handling, if it does not already do this (could not test enough to see this).