Wavelab Pro 11 3rd party VST plugin UI trouble

Hi all,
I have an issue wit the way some (not all!) plugins look. I must have accidentally changed some settings but I do not find any documentation on how to get it back.

All of a sudden some plugins appear in a linear view (and I have tried setting it to the circular mode, no effect) or simply appear as thumbnails. Examples attached. Yes - I can use the presets but I can not make any tweaks to the settings. :confused:

Has anybody encountered this and can you tell me how to get the functionality of the plugins back?

Take a look here:

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Usually this means that the “Gen” option is checked in the Plugin Preferences area. This option isn’t normally chosen by default but I’ve seen some reports of it being randomly engaged for unknown reasons.

Check your preferences to see if the Gen box is checked for these plugins. See also THIS thread.

Gen stands for generic user interface.

See attached:

Thank you!!