Wavelab WAV RIFF Tags with Accents Display Incorrectly in Explorer and Finder

Wavelab WAV RIFF tags with accent marks appear with bad characters in Windows Explorer and Mac Finder. dbpoweramp and Goldwave RIFF tags with accents appear correctly in Windows Explorer and Mac Finder.

As noted by a user on the German forum, It makes it impossible to search for WAV files with tags that contain accent marks in Windows Explorer. (and Mac Finder.)

Can this please be changed? Even if Wavelab is technically correct in its usage (I don’t know if it is or not), both Microsoft and Apple expect it to be otherwise, and they’re not going to change anything. dbpoweramp and Goldwave do it as Windows and Mac need to see it.

Also the Wavelab RIFF tags with accents display improperly in every other program I’ve tried (including the Windows 10 built-in Groove Player.), not just Explorer and Finder.

The dbpoweramp and Goldwave RiFF tags with accents display correctly in other programs.

WaveLab stores the RIFF tags in unicode UTF-8, which allows universal text reading.
But the header does not specify this. I will need to add this information. Not sure this will work
with all programs, though.

Thank you PG.

mp3 has the suplemented ID3 Tag for Text. UTF16 ( ID3v2.3 ) and UTF8 compatible Format ( ID3v2.4) ,

but WAV RIFF infos defined ASCII only.

:bulb: Steinberg can convert german “Umlaute” within this Table: https://www.lsa.umich.edu/german/hmr/schreiben/umlaute/umlaute_ASCII_html.html

can include escape sequences, which are combinations of characters introduced by a backslash () and used to represent other characters

example: If user write an “ä” to wav RIFF textfield, then wavelab program must save this as “alt + 132”

Then you can use country info, see page 25, 64 :

page 72,74

The RIFF “wCodePage” could be set to unicode 8, and then that would match the encoding used by WaveLab. But I guess few applications will handle this.
The BWF standard, which can be seen as a modern form of RIFF chunks, allows both ASCII and UTF-8, and this is supported by WaveLab.