Waves 13 issues Blacklisted as "unknown"

Yes it is probably a Waves issue and I am in contact with their support.
But … are there someone here that also having problem to install Waves plugins using version 13? Every version before works fine…


Hi, They are working here just fine:
Waves 13.0.10.
Nuendo 11.0.41.
Mac OSX 11.6.1 Big Sur.

Have you tried re scanning the plugins from the plugins manager?

there is one thread in the Cubase forum with the same problem…

That sounds purely as a Windows / Waves issue.

Hi, thanks for reply!
Yes, I have tried uninstall/reinstall/reactivate with same result… not working. As you mention, maybe a Windows problem…good to know that you do not have issues with it.
Thanks, Micke.

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I hope Waves can sort this out for you. Cheers!