Waves 9 + 64-bit plugins are here!!

Waves 9 is here!


FYI, long download, but all plugins are now working in 5.5.2 32 and 64 bit. The online registration process is ultra fast, provided your DAW computer is connected to the internet. And the load in time is so much faster now both on program start and instantiation. Smooth procedure all around for a first release.

Waves seems to have delivered on their Namm promises. Congrats!

No iLok required

WOWZERS! :open_mouth: Very Impressed.

That’s probably why they load so fast (maybe)!

Wow great news!

But what does that mean - “DAW connected to the internet”?

No way without that? I am not connected…

Well, NO ilok is a cool move, but does not count that much if you still have 120 other ilok protected plugins :slight_smile:

Oh yes, it should work with USB drive without internet access…

But I wonder if I am still able to use more then one DAWs - in my case the studio system AND the laptop, not in the same time of course but with ilok I was quite mobile and flexible… In the beginning I disliked PACE etc, but the last few years it was working cool.

I appreciate faster loading though :slight_smile: I was always impressed how fast the stuff loads on those homerecording systems were they are using… well… donglefree stuff.

The authorization process is REALLY fast, like 10 seconds for the entire Mercury bundle. So you have a choice:

You can authorize and de-authorize as often as you like, so you can de-authorize the computer and authorize the laptop in less than a minute, and vice versa, but both need access to the internet.

Alternatively you can use authorize any FAT-32 formatted USB key and use it exactly the same way you used the iLok.

There is currently no way to authorize 2 machines simultaneously. That hasn’t changed in the new system. However, interestingly all the version 8 authorizations are still on the iLok, so in principle if you install version 8 on the laptop you could authorize them with the iLok authorizations. But I haven’t tested this and they would be 32-bit only.

Right now I’ve only authorized the computer via the internet. I don’t know if the instantiation time is the same with a USB key, but I think it would be faster than iLok. This system really makes a huge performance difference.

Well, I am not using 2 machines in the same time - I just grab the elicencer & ilok and then I am mobile. Having the licence on an USB drive is ok, though I dislike USB drives because they can fail quite easy. But as it seems I would be able to reactivate via internet again in no time.

Well its a good hint regarding the V8/ilok thing, on the laptop a V8 32bit is fine for me.

Have you checked regarding backwards compatibly? Opening V8 projects with V9 installation? Are they opening fine?


I haven’t tried it myself but you’re right to be suspect: it might not work going back and forth between V8 and 9.

Personally, I’m fine with the authorization scenario from the internet. All my machines are internet enabled and like I mentioned, it’s really fast to do.

Just a quick FYI. I had problem where I closed an N5 project and then loaded another without shutting down Nuendo: on load-in of the second project the Waves license center starting advising me Waves licenses were missing for different plugins with consecutive popups. I cancelled the licenser, quit Nuendo, reloaded this project and all was fine.

The licenser showed all plugins licensed when I quit the pops to check, so clearly there’s some teething pains. The workaround is to restart Nuendo if it happens.

When that wave-stuff actually flawlessly works in 64 I just might think about buying
this WUP thing for V9 for a few bundles. Have they become more reasonable with the
WUP fees, lately?
Big K ( tempted to jump over his enourmes shadow… :wink:

It does.

Have they become more reasonable with the
WUP fees, lately?

They have been for quit a while. The Max fee is 200€. We have 5bundles here, of which a couple of Mercury’s and they all have been updated for free. I think that is very reasonable.


I believe every word you say, Fredo.
Which is more than I say from Waves, though.
Seeing the final bill means believing, not sooner …

Big K

Hmmmm… more teething pains. In my current project, new Waves plugins are taking 20 seconds or more to instantiate, a far cry of the instant bang of the past few days. I’m wondering if this is a networking issue… I guess I better start reporting this stuff to Waves.

Must be something wrong.
On our systems, initialising and loading is about 10 times faster as with the iLok.


FYI: my last two reported incidents only happened exactly once each time. I agree that the improvement is fantastic; I’m only concerned that the irregularities might occur again at inopportune moments. I’ve now reported these to Waves. I’ve asked them if these issues might have been caused by networking problems, and if USB key authorization is more reliable.

Bundles for a clean 1 year WUP extension in this one account:
Diamond, 360 Surround, SSL 4000, API

Waves Update Plan for all selected products will be extended until Saturday, March 23, 2013
Waves Update Plan Price: 660.00 $

What did I say???
For example, the SSL bundle WUP for one bleedn year costs 35 % of the bundle’s current net price at Thomann’s.
I am so freakin’ glad that I don’t need any of those plugs, at all.
They can stick their WUP ***** up their nostrils.

Big K ( slightly annoyed )

…Want them? Make an offer…

That seems a mistake. Waves charges 200$ maximum for the WUP.

If it is, the wup machine which is automatically calculating the costs is corrupted.

Diamond = 200, 360 = 200, API = 130, SSL = 130 …when marked singely
an together it reads 660 $… I tried combinations to no avail.

If it shows a wrong total sum, they should fixed it, soon.
I might drop by there in a year, or so, if I haven’t sold the lot, by then.

Big K

Contact these guys: Waves Universe. Ask them what you want and let them come back to you with a price. I’ve been going through them for my last Waves upgrades. It’s all electronic and cheaper than anything else I found. They’re pretty fast too.

Just got note. It was a momentary disfunction of the " I use 'em all on one PC" button that needs to be x-ed…
Now, it is 200 bucks alright. Reasonable for V9 and its advantages.

Big K