Waves v10

Just a word of warning, I updated my Waves to v10 tonight and afterwards neither Cubase or ProTools would load a project, currently in the process of rolling back to Waves v9. I saw online (KVR) some people had it working fine, some had similar problems to me. YMMV.

Im in the ‘nothing from Waves works any more’ camp
Currently rescanning each and every directory.

Waves v9 doesnt work for me either anymore, so unintalled and trying again to get v10 working. What a headache

Thanks for the warning! I will wait for an update/fix from Waves.

There’s nothing to be fixed, the update works fine.

Did you people follow the instructions?

To the letter. And a complete balls up here :unamused:

Hey Giovanni, I’m really happy your update worked great! Mine didn’t. Call me crazy, but I think it’s entirely possible that we may not be running the exact same system?

Wow, Waves v10’s only relevant selling point is to keep compatible and it manages to break compatibility :question:
Looks like I’ll be happy with v9 for a while…

Update. I’d previously uninstalled and reinstalled with no luck, but I just tried the ‘fix installation’ option from within Waves Central v10… I had to remove the new v10 waveshell from the VST blacklist in Cubase, but I think I’m up and running now.
For whatever reason it was the CLA collection plugs that were giving me trouble. Seems to be OK now. Good luck!

Just updated, but DIDNT choose the option to remove v9 plug ins, and all working fine here so far!

Let’s hope it stays that way!

Good luck all.

Works fine for me on Mac, Cubase 9.5

Hi Steve,

do have an WUP? I had trouble too, because only a few plugins have an actual WUP.

In case after updating to V10, your plugins are not loading in your DAW - Please refer to This Article on our website and follow the steps listed there.
Tips from wave support:
In case your plugins are loading as V9 After Updating to V10 - Please refer to This Article on our website and follow the steps listed there.

In case you wish to roll back to V9.92 and don’t have any V10 licenses or simply wish to install your V9.92 plugins, please refer to the How to Install V9.92 article on our website and follow the steps listed there.

Please note that V9 and V10 can run on the same system, as long as you don’t install two versions (V9 and V10) of the same plugin.
Each plugin should only be installed in either V9 or V10.

In case you have the two versions of the same plugins installed on your system, please follow the steps below to verify only the correct version for each of your licenses is installed:

Step 1- Verify all licenses are activated to your computer:
Launch Waves Central
On the top bar, click Licenses> Local Licenses.
Select your local device and make sure your licenses of all versions are activated.
In case you are missing some of the licenses, refer to the Activate Licenses article on our support page and follow the steps mentioned in it.

Step 2- Run the License Utility:
Download the License Utility for WIN | MAC.
Quit all apps.
Download the attached file and unzip it to your desktop
Depending on the operating system:
Win -Right-Click the file named Waves License Utility and select Run As Administrator. This utility will now go over the Waves licenses activated on your system and verify that only the correct version of your plugins is installed on your machine.Once the utility is done the window will be closed by itself. You can now delete the file from your desktop.
Mac - In the prompted Terminal window, type in your Mac administrator user password and click Enter to begin the process. This utility will now go over the Waves licenses activated on your system and verify that only the correct version of your plugins is installed on your machine. Once the utility is done you can quit the Terminal window and delete the file from your desktop.

Hi. Same problem here. Tried various solutions but this was the one that worked for me.

1 - Uninstalled everything from Waves to perform a clean installation.
2 - Installed Waves Central V10.
3 - Downloaded V9 legacy installer and unzipped to folder (Windows 10).
4 - Installed V9 plugins using Waves Central V10. (With the offline installation functionality. Then you have to select the unzipped folder).
5 - Installed V10 plugins as usual.

Hope it helps.

This is confusing to me.

What is the benefit of updating to 10? Just to be current?

I’ve got the diamond bundle and with this you get some extra free plugins, I’d probably find them useful… But if you haven’t got a bundle then perhaps there’s no reason to upgrade right now. One day though we’ll find that the old plugins aren’t supported anymore by something, be it OS, Cubase, VST, whatever and we’ll have to upgrade! Saying that, I’ll probably upgrade soon anyway, I like to keep things current. That’ll be after Arturia and AutoTune - they’re all at it :slight_smile:


thx. that helped.

EDIT: Forgot one step
6 - activate the ‘new’ V10 licenses with Waves Central.

Well to switch now ensures you don’t have to pay to got to V10 later. No other real differences that I’m aware of, maybe minor bug fixes.

To qualify for the update it means you have purchased that product with a certain time frame, or have up to date WUP.

Well, I don’t have wup except for one plug and 9 works great.

Thanx! worked here also.

A positive side to this latest bump in the road, clearing out all the old Waves files manually freed up around 2 Gb extra space!