We want to have an update on AXR4T - dspMixFx 1.5

I have only one question,
I saw the new update for UR-C. A friend has that Soundcard and REV-X has a big breakthrough that I really like, I have a Steinberg AXR4T and I work with Windows 10 x64 and I wanted to ask if you will launch any updates for us who have AXR4T because the difference of VCM Plugins is significantly better and I am surprised by the sound of the update of the new VCM Plugins.

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Ermal Krasniqi


Indeed, there will be an update for the AXR as well but I cannot provide a time frame for it unfortunately.


Whats different about the VCM plugins in the update?

I got the AXR4 recently and was surprised at how good the compressor276 was - especially considering how old it appears to be.

Hopefully they update it soon, it’s really silly that the AXR has to be assigned to something other than the main stereo output if you are using control room. The workaround is to assign it to a “dummy” unused buss, that is the only way it shows up in the track list if you have your stereo out disabled because you use control room. C’mon! :wink:

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Absolutely, this should be fixed ASAP…also if you route your track to anything other than the default stereo out then you have no access to the AXR hardware menu. I routinely have a separate main mix bus the everything get sent to apart from reference tracks etc but i can’t as that means no AXR control. Or if I’m multi micing a guitar/amp and then sending all mics to a bus , again the AXR menu is gone on those tracks if i need to go back and do a fix/overdub.

It’s a fantastic sounding unit, really is but it’s quite hard to understand why the cubase integration wasn’t thought about???



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Please remember the keep supporting the AXR users.
Loopback is still not working as expected, no matter who I spoke to at Steinberg tech support and other users. Please work on an update for us, top paying customers as well :pray:t2::pray:t2::pray:t2:

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Yep yep, same issue here and we’re top paying customers! In the meantime, if you buy a $200 Steinberg audio interface, all works, lots of updates and support! :man_facepalming:t2:

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Fully agree. This is one of the “really?” bugs that is helping me to hold off on buying AXR4T. Does seem like a very basic mistake given that the unit is targetted at higher end users. Similarly, (although a bigger fix as it relates to the actual hardware) I also think the number of total outputs useable at once is a bit limited given that monitors and headphones eat into the 8 provided. Doesnt leave much for doing analogue summing while using monitors and 2 x headphones. Given the real estate space on the back would be nice to see a D25sub to allow for plenty of outs for routing etc especially on such a high end device. Alternatively a dedicated set of outs for monitors and headphones leaving all 8 for other purposes. Any way this could be achieved with an add on card via that interesting looking breakout panel on the back that seems largely unused? Sorry for the tangent - main point is to 100% agree with Norburys request!!!

I’d like a dedicated set of monitor outputs too. I’ve got mine linked to a 828x via adat to give me the extra i/o

The routing to the output thing really doesn’t bother me that much because the dspmixFX is actually more convenient for me to use. Using the inspector I find fiddly.

Yes and Yes, AXR4 is the last to get an update, we’ve been begging for over a year to solve issues with it and get updates for Steinberg’s most expensive audio interface.

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This is the problem with buying expensive items from a company that is software based. Sometimes you get left hanging in the wind with a very expensive device that has little or no support.

It’s a great unit but the lack of updates is unfortunate. Also if you call Steinberg it’s hard to find someone who understands the unit.

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