We want to have an update on AXR4T - dspMixFx 1.5

I already figured out that the effects do not work at 384. From 44.1k to 192k they work.
But I still have a problem. I was able to upgrade my ax4t to 1.10 but cannot upgrade to 1.20, error during upgrade. I haver installed last tools. Win10x64, axr4t, asus prime deluxe x299 II

Hi Ed what’s the update? Making me concerned that you guys are already going to drop the AXR4T after just 2 years.

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It’s not going to be dropped, but I do not have any news for you at this point, unfortunately.

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Ed, what does it take for Steinberg to hear us, is there anything else you can suggest us to do other that writing here please? I’m also concerned that Steinberg will drop the AXR4 since there hasn’t been much happening with it for a long period of time.

I am not sure what to write except that we hear you and the AXR won’t be dropped. What does it take to make you believe us? :wink:
There is one advantage with the driver packages Yamaha uses: it’s usually one driver for many interfaces and we have dropped only very few interfaces over the last years. There is news on the roadmap for the AXR, I just cannot reveal any details yet.


An update is what it would take to make us believe it. So far, only empty promises.

When is the Thuderbolt drivers for AXR4T for Big Sur going to be released? The OS is more than 1 year old!

and on top of that it’s a year since the Apple M1 Developer kit came out to get everyone ahead of the game. Crazy that companies as large as Steinberg and Yamaha can be this disorganised. I have a Metric Halo 2882 interface too, obviously a different situation, but they’re a much smaller company and had all of their software and plugs working day 1.

what a disappointment not being able to use the audio card I have a Steinberg AXR4T because it is not yet compatible with the Big Sur and M1 processor of the Mac. my phone calls to Steinberg were without positive responses. This long wait is truly shameful. Tullio

With great respect to you Ed as I know you’re the messenger here. On the hardware front especially, only consistency in long term product support would return my trust in Steinberg. Too many good and fully functioning products dropped over the years with little to no explanation. Requests from users for updates ignored etc. So to simply say “what would it take to make you believe us?”, is a bit of strange statement considering how many users have been let down in this area. I for one, sadly can’t believe the promise.

Buyers like myself, are likely to never return to purchase hardware products from Steinberg again until that consistency I mentioned, examples such as RME, Metric Halo, MOTU, UA and several others is proved over time.

I’d suggest that if Steinberg want people to ‘believe’ such statements about current top of the line products, then Steinberg really need to put their money where their mouth is and provide continued support for older top of the line products as that would certainly help to restore some faith.

None of this is aimed at you directly Ed, peace :slight_smile:

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