Web video freezing when Cubase 11 is open

Hi, @art1 , here we meed again, I come to the rescue !

Indeed, there really is a known bug, that’s not just imagination.
Since Cubase uses ASIO and there is a bug in this ASIO driver, then yes, it only happens when Cubase is running, that can’t be more logic… And depending on users audio settings, the issue may or may not be present, but you shouldn’t stop on that one point for now. Please read the following carefully.

Remember, I participated in your topic where you were having trouble with the built-in device – or the default Windows device, as you call it.
In fact, Cubase isn’t problematic. I remember giving you some steps to follow to prevent this kind of problem, but you refused to give it a deeper look, blaming it on the screenshots not being in English.
That said, having a UR22Mk2 or any other audio interface won’t fix the problem until you make the right settings in Windows and Cubase, sorry to repeat again. Having an external interface will only solve the issue you got when plugging and unplugging the jacks repeatedly.
After the discussion was over, I really felt concerned that a lot of people are actually facing this issue, it’s not just you, many people are having trouble with finding the right settings, but that’s not a big deal :wink:

I have now written a detailed guide explaining all the different points. I have tried my best to keep it user-friendly while giving as many details as possible. Now, there’s no reason you can’t follow it.

The topic is that one : Audio Setup Guide - for Windows users

Everything is explained, including the bug with the latest driver version. There are links to an official Steinberg support page that explains what the bug is about and how to solve it.

In any case, if you follow the guide properly you shouldn’t have any issue anymore.
Tell us how it goes.

@ANAFREE Thanks for helping, but as you see, @art1 sometimes likes to turn a deaf ear :hear_with_hearing_aid: :laughing:
(Oh, well, that’s just a little joke, don’t take this literally, I feel sorry if anyone here is actually deaf.)

Nonetheless we still like you @art1 , we are just here to help, but if you don’t cooperate this cannot work. :blush:

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